Stockman (Gearóid)

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Stockman (Gearóid): Má go, amach ach.
In Celtica 20 (1988), pp. 130–131.
Má go, maga, maha go ‘if not, unless’. Confusion of prepositions ach and amach ó ‘except’ spread to conjunction ach go, hence amach ó go (= má go), from which Ros Guill preposition amach ach was extracted based on homophony of ach and ó in this dialect as /a/. Cf. B. Ó Buachalla, in Ériu 23 (1972), pp. 143-161.
Stockman (Gearóid): Linguistic trends in the terminal stage of Q-Celtic dialects.
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1. Reduction of case forms; 2. Simplification of phoneme system; 3. Loss of lenition; 4. English influence.
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Translation of a story collected by Eoin Mac Néill in Munterloney, Co. Tyrone, in 1912 (cf. Best2 II:773a). English text only.
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