Gerriets (Marilyn)

Gerriets (Marilyn): The organization of exchange in early Christian Ireland.
In JEH 41/1 (Mar., 1981), pp. 171–176.
Gerriets (Marilyn): Economy and society: clientship according to the Irish laws.
In CMCS 6 (Winter, 1983), pp. 43–61.
Analysis of obligations of aicillne ‘base clientship’ and choice of clientship partner based on Críth gablach, Cáin aicillne and other legal texts.
Gerriets (Marilyn): Money in early Christian Ireland according to the Irish laws.
In CSSH 27/2 (Apr., 1985), pp. 323–339.
Gerriets (Marilyn): Kingship and exchange in pre-Viking Ireland.
In CMCS 13 (Summer, 1987), pp. 39–72.
[1.] The sources; [2.] Exchange through clientship; [3.] Those living under the exactions of a king (the individual, the church, and dependent peoples); [4.] Other sources of royal revenue; [5.] Conclusion.
Gerriets (Marilyn): The king as judge in early Ireland.
In Celtica 20 (1988), pp. 29–52.
[1.] The evidence that the king was a judge; [2.] Ecclesiastical jurisdiction; [3.] The king and his brithem; [4.] Conclusion. Based on Irish and Latin legal material; corresponds closely to portrayal of king as judge in legends.
Gerriets (Marilyn): Theft, penitentials, and the compilation of the early Irish laws.
In Celtica 22 (1991), pp. 18–32.