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1. Introduction; 2. Historical background; 3. Vowel shortening in unstressed position; 4. Vowel shortening and sentence stress; 5. The west Munster system; 6. Conclusions.
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On the forms of the 2 sg. pres. id. of the substantive verb and the spread of -(e)ann in Corca Dhuibhne Irish.
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Studies the historical origins of the periphrastic perfect in its two constructions, the type tá sé tar éis é a dhéanamh (‘after’ perfect) and the tá sé déanta aige (verbal adjective + ag, for which a derivation from a possessive stative formation is sought), and surveys their reflexes in Ulster, Connacht and Munster Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, as well as in Hiberno-English.
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Examines the deletion and retention of -g before subject pronouns in Munster Irish and rejects O. J. Bergin's 1904 (in Best1, p. 48) and T. F. O’Rahilly's explanation (in Best2 527) by phonological change.
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Describes the development of the use of the prepositions le, ag and ó to form agent phrases in Modern Irish; includes a brief discussion of the state of affairs in Early Irish.
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Reviews the previous scholarly literature on the subject.
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On the pronunciaton of the dative form of the ā-stem nouns cloch, cruach, luch.
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