Hayden (Deborah)

Hayden (Deborah): Poetic law and the medieval Irish linguist: contextualizing the vices and virtues of verse composition in Auraicept na n-éces.
In LHi 54/1 (May, 2011), pp. 1–35.
Hayden (Deborah): Two fragments of Auraicept na n-éces in the Irish Franciscan Archive: context and content.
In Celts and their cultures at home and abroad [Fs. Malcolm Broun] (2013), pp. 91–124.
Discusses material from Franciscan A 10.
Hayden (Deborah): Some notes on the transmission of Auraicept na n-éces.
In PHCC 32 (2013), pp. 134–179.
Hayden (Deborah): On the meaning of two medieval Irish medical terms: derg dásachtach and rúad (fh)rasach.
In Ériu 64 (2014), pp. 1–21.
Argues, based on an analysis of Irish early medical sources, that these terms refer to blood vessels.
Hayden (Deborah): Anatomical metaphor in Auraicept na n-éces.
In Authorities and adaptations (2014), pp. 23–61.
Examines the use of corporeal imagery to explain abstract linguistic concepts by the scholiasts of the Auraicept.
Boyle (Elizabeth) (ed.), Hayden (Deborah) (ed.): Authorities and adaptations: the reworking and transmission of textual sources in medieval Ireland / edited by Elizabeth Boyle and Deborah Hayden.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2014. xlvii + 361 pp.
Papers from a workshop held in Cambridge, April 2011.

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Hayden (Deborah): Observations on the ‘doors of death’in a medieval Irish medical catechism.
In Reassessments on Rosa Anglica (2016), pp. 26–56.
Discusses the collection of medical material found in NLS MS 72.1.2, focusing on Irish anatomical terminology for vulnerable parts of the body.
Hayden (Deborah): Cryptography and the alphabet in the Book of Ádhamh Ó Cianáin.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 35–64.
Examines two items in the second half of ‘The Ó Cianáin Miscellany’ (NLI G 2-3): 1. a marginal quatrain in cypher, beg. Dobithir dael dath abra; 2. a list of numerical values for the letters of the alphabet. In Appendix: edition of a poem on the numerical values of the letters, beg. A áos cumtha éstigh. From BL Additional 30512; transcription, restored text, English transl., textual notes.
Hayden (Deborah) (ed.), Russell (Paul) (ed.): Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg: vernacular grammar and grammarians in medieval Ireland and Wales / edited by Deborah Hayden, Paul Russell.
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Papers arising from a workshop held in Oxford, April 2013.

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Hayden (Deborah): A medieval Irish dialogue between Priscian and Donatus on the categories of questions.
In Dá dtrian feasa fiafraighidh (2017), pp. 67–93.
Discusses the H 3. 18 version of the tract on the ‘divisions of imchomarc'.
Hayden (Deborah): A medieval Irish commentary on the magister.
In Celtica 29 (2017), pp. 90–108.
Edition of an Early Modern Irish text on the meaning of the Latin term magister, beg. Do chéimindaibh an mhaighisdir ann só. Text based on TCD E 4. 1, with variants from NLI G 8 and TCD H 4. 22; with commentary and English translation.
Hayden (Deborah): The Book of Ballymote and the grammar of Irish.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 77–100.
Examines the section of the Bk of Ballymote (fols. 157-181) concerned with grammar, metrics, and the educational curriculum of the fili. Appendix: Grammar and prosody in the Book of Ballymote: a revised catalogue.
Hayden (Deborah): Three versified medical recipes invoking Dían Cécht.
In Fír fesso [Fs. McLeod] (2018), pp. 107–123.
Hayden (Deborah): A versified cure for headache and some lexicographical notes.
In KF 8 (2019), pp. 7–22, doi: 10.25365/kf-8-2019-7-22.
Edition of poem beg. Secht n-eidind indestter dam, from RIA 24 B 3. With Engl. transl. and textual notes [esp. on OIr. clí, cétgrinne, baslach].
Hayden (Deborah): Attribution and authority in a medieval Irish medical compendium.
In StH 45 (2019), pp. 19–51.
Hayden (Deborah): The lexicon of pulmonary ailment in some medieval Irish medical texts.
In ZCP 66 (2019), pp. 105–129.