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Maier (Bernhard): Is Lug to be identified with Mercury (Bell. Gall. VI 17, 1)? New suggestions on an old problem.
In Ériu 47 (1996), pp. 127–135.
Considers the frequency of the element Lugu- in toponomy; the coincidence in date of the festival of Lugnusad and the annual festival in hounour of the Emperor Augustus at Lugudunum (Lyons); and the similarity of the Lug’s epithet samildánach to Caesar’s characterisation of Mercury as omnium inventor artium.
Maier (Bernhard): Beasts from the deep: the water-bull in Celtic, Germanic and Balto-Slavic traditions.
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Suggests that the Insular Celtic tradition of a mysterious bull living in the sea may be related to an ancient Near Eastern god of the deep whose cult, connected to fertility, spread to Northern Europe via the Mediterranean.
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