Nic Mhathúna (Deirdre)

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Tugas annsacht d’óigh Ghallda and Iomdha iorradh ag Tulaigh Tuathail.
Nic Mhathúna (Deirdre): A journey from manuscript to print: the transmission of an elegy by Piaras Feiritéar.
In Irish and English (2012), pp. 243–266.
Mo thraochadh is mo shaoth lém ló thu, first appeared in print in English translation in T. Crofton Croker's The keen in the south of Ireland . . . (London, 1844).
Nic Mhathúna (Deirdre): Convention and innovation in the poetry of Piaras Feiritéar.
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Nic Mhathúna (Deirdre): Tugas annsacht d’óigh Ghallda: dán le Piaras Feiritéar do Londainbhean.
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