Howlett (David Robert)

Howlett (D. R.): Penance for an editor.
In Celtica 18 (1986), p. 150.
ad D. Ó Cróinín, in Celtica 16 (1984), pp. 169-174. Comments on Latin poem, Lympha coacta gelu, duris licet aemula saxis, by Donnchadh Ó Cobhthaigh. Cf. D. R. Howlett, in Ériu 44 (1993), pp. 187-188.
Howlett (David): Ex saliva scripturae meae.
In Sages, saints and storytellers [Fs. Carney] (1989), pp. 86–101.
On Confessio 9 and the question of Saint Patrick’s education.
Breen (Aidan): Iduma (Ιδουμα).
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 40–50.
Origin and meaning of iduma ‘hand (of Almighty God)' as used in Altus prosator, Hisperica famina, etc. Cf. D. Howlett, in Peritia 9 (1995), pp. 72–80.
Howlett (D.) (ref.)
Howlett (D. R.): Varia: VI. Boethian music in Donnchadh’s carmen.
In Ériu 44 (1993), pp. 187–188.
ad D. R. Howlett, in Celtica 18 (1986), p. 150. Comments on the structure of a Latin poem (beg. Lympha coacta gelu, duris licet aemula saxis) by Donnchadh Ó Cobhthaigh.
Howlett (D. R.) (ref.)
Howlett (D. R.): Liber epistolarum Sancti Patricii episcopi = The book of letters of Saint Patrick the bishop / edited and translated with analysis and commentary by D. R. Howlett.
Dublin: Four Courts, 1994. 134 pp. (Celtic studies).
Edition of St. Patrick’s Epistola ad milites Corotici and Confessio. Text based on L. Bieler's edition (BILL 7980), presented per cola et commata; with English translation.

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Howlett (David): Insular Latin idama, iduma.
In Peritia 9 (1995), pp. 72–80.
Argues (vs. A. Breen, in Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 40-50) it is a Hebraism and its original form is idama.
Breen (A.) (ref.)
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In Peritia 11 (1997), pp. 53–116.
Howlett (David): Vita I sanctae Brigitae.
In Peritia 12 (1998), pp. 1–23.
Analyses the language and style of this Vita (based on MS Additional 34124), arguing in favour of its precedence over Vita II and its authorship by Ailerán of Clonard.
Howlett (David): Insular acrostics, Celtic Latin colophons.
In CMCS 35 (Summer, 1998), pp. 27–44.
Edites and translates five latin poems contained in a number of medieval MSS, of which four regarded hitherto as Northumbrian are now shown to be Irish.
Howlett (David): Hellenic learning in Insular Latin: an essay on supported claims.
In Peritia 12 (1998), pp. 54–78.
On the knowledge of Greek in Britain and Ireland before the 9th century.
Howlett (David): The Brigitine hymn Xpistus in nostra insula.
In Peritia 12 (1998), pp. 79–86.
Xpistus in nostra insula que uocatur Hibernia, edited from TCD E 4. 2, UCD-OFM A 2 and Palatinus latinus 482; with English translation.
Howlett (David): Synodus prima Sancti Patricii: an exercise in textual reconstruction.
In Peritia 12 (1998), pp. 238–253.
From Cambridge, Corpus Christi Library, MS 279; with English translation.
Howlett (David): The structure of De situ Albanie.
Howlett (David): Hiberno-Latin syllabic poems in the Book of Cerne.
In Peritia 15 (2001), pp. 1–21.
Argues, on the basis of prosodic features similar to those of Old Irish verse, that these poems were composed in Ireland during the 7th century.
Howlett (David): The prologue to the Vita Sancti Abbani.
In Peritia 15 (2001), pp. 27–30.
Howlett (David): A miracle of Maedóc.
In Peritia 16 (2002), pp. 85–93.
Howlett (David): Tres linguae sacrae and threefold play in Insular Latin.
In Peritia 16 (2002), pp. 94–115.
Howlett (David): Early insular Latin poetry.
In Peritia 17–18 (2003–2004), pp. 61–109.
pp. 72-82: Hiberno-Latin poetry.
Howlett (David): The prologue to the Collectio canonum Hibernensis.
In Peritia 17–18 (2003–2004), pp. 144–149.
Edition, translation and analysis, based on five MSS ranging from the 9th to the 11th centuries.
Howlett (David): Numerical punctilio in Patrick’s Confessio.
In Peritia 17–18 (2003–2004), pp. 150–153.
Howlett (David): Three poems about Monenna.
In Peritia 19 (2005), pp. 1–19.
In Latin; edited, with analysis and English translation, from BL Cotton Cleopatra A ii.
Howlett (David): Hibero-Latin, Hiberno-Latin, and the Irish foundation legend.
In Peritia 19 (2005), pp. 44–60.
On the influence of early medieval Spain in the creation of the Irish foundation legend.
Howlett (David): Insular inscriptions.
Dublin: Four Courts, 2005. 266 pp.
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Howlett (David): Gematria in Irish verse.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 177–181.
A numerical analysis of Scíth mo chrob ón scríbainn, preserved in MS Laud 615 and ascribed to Colum Cille.
Howlett (David): The Old-Irish hymn Brigit bé bithmaith.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 182–187.
A prosodic analysis of Ultan’s hymn (Thes. ii 323-326).
Howlett (David): Music and the stars in early Irish compositions.
In Music and the stars (2013), pp. 111–128.
A numerical analysis of Hiberno-Latin texts by Mo-Sinu maccu Min, Mo-Cuoróc maccu Net Sémon, Ultán moccu Conchobuir, Cú Chuimne of Iona, and the polyphonic colophon to Cormac’s Psalter.
Howlett (David): Sonid’s Ogam signature.
In Rhetoric and reality in medieval Celtic literature [Melia studies] (2014), pp. 94–97.
Numerical analysis of the Latin colophon in the Stowe Missal (fo. 11r).
Howlett (David), Ireland (Colin) (app. auth.): Two Irish jokes.
In Early medieval Ireland and Europe [Fs. Ó Cróinín] (2015), pp. 225–264.
In Appendix: The Irish names in Suadbar’s letter, by Colin Ireland [Caunchobrach, Fergus, Dominnach, Suadbar].
Howlett (David): The Altus prosator of Virgilius Maro Grammaticus.
Howlett (David): Donnchadh Ó Corráin (1942–2017).
In Peritia 28 (2017), pp. 9–11.