Vries (Ranke de)

Vries (Ranke de): Het onafwendbare einde van Eochu, zoon van Mairid.
In Arthur, Brigit, Conn, Deirdre [Fs. Strien-Gerritsen] (2003), pp. 186–202.
[(In Dutch:) The unavoidable end of Eochu, son of Mairid.]

On Aided Echach meic Maireda.
Vries (Ranke de): The names of Lí Bán.
In Myth in Celtic literatures (2007), pp. 39–54.
Vries (Ranke de): Two early examples of the preposition acht followed by the accusative case outside the law texts and an example of acht inge.
In Ériu 60 (2010), pp. 137–144.
Examples extracted from De causis torchi Corc’ Óche.
Vries (Ranke de): Similarities in the three female aided-tales.
In SCF 8 (2011), pp. 18–28.
Aided Meidbe, Aided Derbḟorgaill and Aided Lócha.
Vries (Ranke de): Two texts on Loch nEchach: De causis torchi Corc’ Óche and Aided Echach maic Maireda / edited by Ranke de Vries.
ITS, 65. London: Irish Texts Society, 2012. xii + 328 pp.
Part I: Edition of De causis torchi Corc’ Óche, based on Laud Misc. 610; parallel semi-diplomatic and reconstructed texts, with English translation, textual notes and vocabulary. Part II: Edition of Aided Echach maic Maireda, based on Lebor na hUidre; semi-diplomatic text, with English translation and textual notes. Appendix 1: Edition of the genealogy of Echu in the Book of Ballymote and the Book of Lecan. Appendix 2: Diplomatic transcriptions of De causis. Appendix 3: Diplomatic transcriptions of Aided Echach.

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