Dooley (Ann)

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Exemplified by Loinges mac nUislenn and Táin bó Cúailnge (LU).
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See Aithd. D. I, 302-07. A masterpiece of the European contemptus mundi genre. Mithidh do chuibhreach, a chuirp (Aithd. D., no. 79) may be by the same author.
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Critical edition of a late 14th c. poem (42 qq.), from MSS Siena, Biblioteca Comunale G.IX.50, London (private) Sir Con O’Neill, RIA 24 P 21, 23 M 33, 23 L 17, NLI G 430; normalized, with English translation and notes.
Dooley (Ann): Early Irish literature and contemporary scholarly disciplines.
In Medieval and modern Ireland (1988), pp. 60–73.
Discussion is illustrated by the following examples from early Irish literature: Echtrae Chonnlai, the Prúll entry in Cormac’s glossary, and the poem Dom-ḟarcai fidbaide fál.
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Description and contents of MS Siena, Biblioteca Comunale G.IX.50. Contains Iomarbhágh na bhfileadh, Rudimenta grammaticae Hibernicae by Giolla Brighde Ó hEodhusa, etc.
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Found in q. 31 of Fá ngíomraidh measdar meic ríogh, by Gofraidh Fionn Ó Dálaigh.
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Argues in favour of a western (Connacht) composition of the text in the early 13th c.
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