Stewart (James)

Stewart (James): Stories in poems.
In Arv 29–30 (1973–1974), pp. 31–35.
On the source of the apologue in poem Naomhtha an obair iomrádh Dé (see L. McKenna, Aithdioghluim dána (1939), no. 75).
Stewart (James): The game of `an bhfuil agat? Tá' or the uses of bilingualism.
In Béaloideas 45–47 (1977–1979), pp. 244–258.
Discusses versions of a folk tale about Irish speakers who employ a linguistic trick on an English monoglot opponent in order to win a hand of cards.
Stewart (James): Gleann na nGealt: a twelfth-century Latin account.
In Celtica 17 (1985), pp. 105–111.
As (probably) described in Topographia Hiberniae by Giraldus Cambrensis.
Stewart (James): Boccaccio in the Blaskets.
Galway: Officina Typographica, 1988. xxii + 149 pp.
Presents six manuscript translations made into Irish of selected Boccaccian tales by Mícheál Ó Gaoithín c. 1920, found in NLI G 1021. Also includes four other Boccaccian tales recorded orally from same. With facing English translation.

Rev. by
Bo Almqvist, in Béaloideas 58 (1990), pp. 75-140.
Stewart (James): Boccaccio in the Blaskets: an Irish translation of selected tales from the Decameron.
In ZCP 43 (1989), pp. 125–140.
Examines the partial translation (ca. 1924) contained in MS NLI G 1021 and argues it is based on W. H. Kelly's English version of 1855. Includes a sample (parallel text).
Stewart (James): Topographia Hiberniæ.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 642–657.
A discussion of aspects of Giraldus Cambrensis’s Topographia Hiberniæ.
Stewart (James): How the eagle cools it: an apologue and its analogues.
In Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 165–172.
On the source of the motif of the eagle-cooling stones found in a poem written by Eochaidh Ó hEódhasa c. 1603. Cf. P. A. Breatnach, in Éigse 17/2 (1978), pp. 169-180.