McKenna (Malachy)

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ad T. F. O’Rahilly, Irish dialects past and present, 1932 (Best2 527).
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On the development of [tˊ] to [ʃ] (mostly after certain sonorants).
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Examples from The spiritual rose.
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As in The spiritual rose by Mathew Kennedy, first printed Monaghan 1800.
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Defends MS reading pecthad against editors’ emendation to pecthaid (Wb. 29a23).
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Normalised ed. of Mathew Kennedy’s SR, published in Monaghan (1825), with original on facing pages. Incl. notes and glossary, and notes on language of the text.

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Provides an index in normative orthography to the material for point 78 contained in the maps and questionnaire answers of LASID (cf. BILL 3547, vol 1, and vol. 4, pp. 103-111).
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