Whitfield (Niamh)

Whitfield (Niamh): More thoughts on the wearing of brooches in early medieval Ireland.
In Harbison studies (2004), pp. 70–108.
With a section on the Literary evidence of the uses of brooches in early medieval Ireland.
Whitfield (Niamh): Dress and accessories in the early Irish tale The wooing of Becfhola.
In Medieval clothing and textiles 2 (2006), pp. 1–34.
Discusses the descriptions of Becfhola and Flann’s attire (§§1 and 6, as ed. by Máire Bhreathnach, in Ériu 35 (1984), pp. 59-91).
Whitfield (Niamh): A suggested function for the holy well?
In Ó Carragáin studies (2007), pp. 495–563.
On the use of water from holy wells to perform baptisms, as evidenced in hagiological texts.
Whitfield (Niamh): Carmocol: an imitation garnet?
In A grand gallimaufry [Nick Maxwell essays] (2010), pp. 55–60.
Suggests carcomol referred to medieval Irish imitation cloisonné enamel.
Whitfield (Niamh): Dragon-stones: the fabulous gems.
In A grand gallimaufry [Nick Maxwell essays] (2010), pp. 79–82.
Discusses the descriptions of dragon-stones in early Irish literature.
Whitfield (Niamh): Findruine: tinned bronze?
In A grand gallimaufry [Nick Maxwell essays] (2010), pp. 93–96.
Argues OIr. findruine referred to tin-coated bronze.
Whitfield (Niamh): Lía lógmar (‘precious stone’) in early Irish literature.
Whitfield (Niamh): Aristocratic display in early medieval Ireland in fiction and in fact: the dazzling white tunic and purple cloak.
In Peritia 27 (2016), pp. 159–188.