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A typological study of heroic traditions relating to Irish Finn and Norse Sigurd.
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The significance of mael in Finn’s original name of Demne Mael.
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On the definition of the acallam as narrative genre.
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Outlines the common story pattern underlying the respective macgnímrada.
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Suggests that these water creatures have similar and overlapping functions as conduits of otherworldly power, wisdom and madness.
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Preliminary re-evaluation of origins, form and content of romantic tales. Discussion based on story of Serc Duibhe Lacha do Mhongán, known in scribal tradition as Tóruigheacht Duibhe Lacha Láimh-Ghile.
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The speaking ‘vital head’ of Orpheus is compared to that of Súaltam in medieval Irish tradition.
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Finds a parallel to the Etarcomol episode of Táin bó Cuailnge in Iliad 23.262-650.
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Identifies a theme of Indo-European mythology in the association of water bodies with the loss and renewal of life and knowledge seen in the death of the two repositories of the Táin, Roán and Roae, and the subsequent preservation of the saga by Fergus mac Roich, thus arguing that this episode is not an incidental addition, but an inextricable part of the larger framework of the narrative.
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Explains Colum Cille’s use of the example of the Psalms in his defense of poetry, as seen in the poem Mo-chean duit a Colaim caidh (as ed. by Brian Ó Cuív in Éigse 12, 1967/68, pp. 165-172), by means of the analogy between the purchase of poems from a poet by a patron and that of the Psalms from David by God.
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