Corthals (Johan)

Corthals (Johan): Mittelirisch berthae.
In ZCP 37 (1979), pp. 203–206.
Expands btho in the Egerton 1782 version of Táin bó Regamna as bertho (= berthae, for OIr. bertae), vs. the emendation bretho by E. Windisch (in IT II, ii, p. 241).
Corthals (Johan): Altirisch dúas.
In Fs. Szemerényi 1 (1979), pp. 229–234.
Corthals (Johan): On a use of gaibid.
In Celtica 14 (1981), pp. 64–66.
gaibid, meaning ‘provides for’, in phrases of structure: gaibid + object (‘a fixed day’) + idirect object. Discusses use in LU version of Táin bó Flidais (see LU ll. 1631-32).
Corthals (Johan): Varia: V. OIr. fo-bá.
In Ériu 37 (1986), pp. 189–190.
Discusses the evidence for the existence of a verbal compound fo-bá ‘dies’ of the simple verb baïd ‘dies’ in (Early) Old Irish.
Corthals (Johan): Táin bó Regamna: eine Vorerzählung zur Táin bó Cúailnge.
SbÖAW, 478. Wien: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1987. 66 pp. (Veröffentlichungen der Keltischen Kommission, 5).
Text based on Egerton 1782, with variant readings from YBL in apparatus; with Kommentar, normalized Lesetext, German translation and Glossar.

Rev. by
Patrizia de Bernardo Stempel, in Kratylos 34 (1989), pp. 192-193.
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Corthals (Johan): The retoiric in Aided Chonchobuir.
In Ériu 40 (1989), pp. 41–59.
Poem beg. Ba haprainn nan dáil cu Artrig n-arnac, ed. with transl. and notes from MSS RIA 23 N 10 and LL. Incl. discussion of metre, style and ling. dating.
Corthals (Johan): Zur Frage des mündlichen oder schriftlichen Ursprungs der Sagenroscada.
Corthals (Johan): Some observations on the versification of the rhymeless ‘Leinster poems’.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 113–125.
1. Cadenced verse; 2. Alliterative chain; 3. Mixed types.
Corthals (Johan): Altirisch *auchaidir und griechisch ἀκούω.
In HS 103 (1990), pp. 269–271.
Corthals (Johan): A reference to the listener to early Irish prose tales?
In CMCS 23 (Summer 1992), pp. 25–28.
ad LU, lines 9259-9260 (broga forfuil ina díaid inétside).
Corthals (Johan): Waartoe dienden de Vroeg-Ierse verhalen?
In Ollodagos 3/4 (1992), pp. 197–202.
ad LU lines 9259-9260 (broga forfuil ina díaid in étside). Cf. J. Corthals, in CMCS 23 (Summer, 1992), pp. 25-28. Draws conclusions concerning the transmission of Síaburcharpat Con Culainn.
Corthals (Johan): Zur Funktion der frühirischen Prosasagen.
In 1. Deutsches Keltologensymposium (1993), pp. 67–81.
With discussion of the narrative formulae co n-accae (ní) and co cualae (ní).
Corthals (Johan): Irland im frühen Mittelalter: die Entstehung einer Schriftkultur.
In Schlaglichter der Forschung (1994), pp. 237–256.
Corthals (Johan): Affiliation of children: Immathchor nAilella 7 Airt.
In Peritia 9 (1995), pp. 92–124.
Edition of an Old Irish legal text (c. 700). Provides diplomatic texts from Rawlinson B 512, BL Harley 5280 and TCD H 3. 17, and a critical edition based on Rawlinson; with English translation and textual notes.
Corthals (Johan): Early Irish retoirics and their late antique background.
In CMCS 31 (Summer 1996), pp. 17–36.
Suggests that they originate in the 6th c. in imitation of Latin poetry and rhetorical style. Includes observations on Bergin’s law.
Corthals (Johan) (trans.): Altirische Erzählkunst.
ForCelt, 1. Hamburg: Lit, 1996. 96 pp.
Contains German transls. of Orgain Denna Ríg, Tochmarc Étaíne, Scéla mucce Meic Da Thó, Aided Crimthainn meic Fhidaig, Tochmarc Becfhola, Síaburcharpat Con Culainn, Immram Snédgusa ocus maic Ríagla, Acallam na senórach (excerpt).

2nd rev. ed., North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.

Rev. by
Helen Imhoff, in Celtica 30 (2018), pp. 217-222 (2nd ed.).
Corthals (Johan): Die Trennung von Finn und Gráinne.
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 71–91.
Edition and translation of MS RIA 23 P 2 (Book of Lecan) 191rb 1-191va 7 (pagination of K. Mulchrone, in Best2 948), omitted by K. Meyer, Finn and Gráinne, in ZCP 1 (1897), pp. 458-461 (Best1, p. 103); with textual notes and German translation.
Corthals (Johan): Zur Entstehung der archaischen irischen Metrik und Syntax.
In GS Schindler (1999), pp. 19–45.
Investigates the origin of tmesis and Bergin’s rule, the preposed genitive, and the independent dative.
Corthals (Johan): The rhymeless ‘Leinster poems’: diplomatic texts.
In Celtica 24 (2003), pp. 79–100.
Incl. diplomatic editions of the following 21 poems, ed. variously from MSS Rawlinson B 502, TCD H 2. 18 (LL), RIA 23 P 12 (Book of Ballymote), RIA 23 P 2 (Book of Lecan) and TCD H 3.17 (last poem only): Móen óen, Dind ríg, Ni celt ceis, Lug scéith, Mál ad-rualaid, Eochu Ferngen, Baeth buide, Find Taulcha, Trí meic Ruaid, Cathair coem, Doss dáile, Coeca fichet filed, Án grian, Mára galgata, Mára mairb, Lámair lergga, Línais Nia, Már drecuin, Lia láma, Eochu art, Na tri Fothaid.
Corthals (Johan): Ailbe’s speech to Cithruad (Tochmarc Ailbe).
In Éigse 34 (2004), pp. 1–9.
Edition of the text (omitted by R. Thurneysen, in Best2 1196) from a new collation of MS TCD H 3. 17, with transl. and textual notes. Supersedes J. Corthals, Kelten 4 (1999), 4-5.
Corthals (Johan): Zur Bedeutung und Etymologie von altirisch scothroscad und fásach.
In HS 117 (2004), pp. 105–117.
Corthals (Johan): Stimme, Atem und Dichtung: aus einem altirischen Lehrbuch für die Dichterschüler (Uraicept na mac sésa).
In 4. Deutsches Keltologensymposium (2007), pp. 127–147.
Edition a late-7th- or 8th-century tract incorporated in Bretha nemed dédenach entitled Dliged sésa a huraicept na mac sésa, dealing with the fundamentals of poetry. Text from TCD H 2. 15b (with variants from E 3.3, O’Davoren’s glossary, etc. in apparatus), German translation, textual notes, preceded by introduction and commentary.
Corthals (Johan): Why did Fergus rise from his grave?
In CMCS 55 (Summer 2008), pp. 1–9.
Discusses the roscad passage found in Do ḟaillsigud Tána bó Cúalnge (cf. LL 32888-32890), which is compared to Fergus’s roscad in TBC 1 1069-1073.
Corthals (Johan): The Áiliu poems in Bretha nemed dédenach.
In Éigse 37 (2010), pp. 59–91.
= CIH iii 1129.33-1130.37: 1. Áiliu seinm sernar n-imbus; 2. Áiliu tech tuigthe teccairthe, n-aurglan n-airscarthae; 3. Áiliu tech midchúarta milscothaib fíad ḟáth; 4. Áiliu laith co mela maith; 5. Áiliu laith lígach, fochen laith lígach; 6. Áiliu dáilemain dúilib dligid; 7. Fochen escrae, bélmár bledmár, deogmár dérmár; 8. Áiliu escrae n-utmall n-airgid; 9. Áiliu uisce somblas do dig. Diplomatic and normalised texts, from MSS TCD H 2. 15b (Bretha nemed dédenach and O’Davoren’s glossary), RIA 23 P 12, and Laud 610; with English translation and textual notes.
Corthals (Johan): Decoding the ‘Caldron of poesy’.
In Peritia 24/25 (2013–2014), pp. 74–89.
Corrigenda in Peritia 26 (2015), p. 207.
Corthals (Johan) (comp.): MsOmit 2017: manuscript sources to Old and Middle Irish tales / compiled by Johan Corthals.
North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017. 66 pp.