Hamilton (John Noel)

Hamilton (John Noel): Varia (Alt- und Mittelirisches): 1. The consuetudinal present of the copula.
In ZCP 32 (1972), pp. 120–121.
Argues that bimmi in Wb. 3d27 is a further example of its paradigm, instead of editor’s future.
Hamilton (John Noel): Varia (Alt- und Mittelirisches): 2. A passage in Immram Máile Dúin.
In ZCP 32 (1972), p. 121.
na aicci in A.G. van Hamel's edition (p. 50, l. 837 [Best2 1252]) to be translated as ‘in a short while, in a moment’.
Hamilton (John Noel): Varia (Alt- und Mittelirisches): 3. Some verbal forms in Buile Suibne.
In ZCP 32 (1972), pp. 121–124.
ad R. P. Lehmann, in ÉtC 6 (1954), pp. 289-311 and 7 (1956), pp. 115-138 (BILL 3341).
Ó hUrmoltaigh (Nollaig): Amhráin as Toraigh.
In Éigse 15/3 (Samhradh 1974), pp. 224–234.
Seven songs (with phonetic transcription) recorded from Jimmy (Shéamais Bháin) Ó Mianáin, Tory Island: [1.] Pádraig 'ac Ruaidhrí beg. A Phádraig 'ic Ruaidhrí, is tú corp an duine uasail; [2.] Na Buachaillí in Albain beg. Mo bheannacht leis na buachaillí a d’imthigh uaim thar sáile; [3.] Conall Ó Baoighill beg. Tháinig an bás go fáilthidhe 'ugam ar cuairt; [4.] Brighid Óg Ní Mháille beg. A Bhrighid Óg Ní Mháille, is tú d’fhág mo chroidhe cráidhte; [5.] Seán Bán beg. Mo chosa, mo lámha, mo chnámha, is tá mé uilig tinn; [6.] Béal Buidhe Uaighe beg. Is iomdhaidh lasta préataí a thug mé féin is mo dhearbhráthair; [7.] Péarla an Bhrollaigh Ghil Bháin beg. Tharlaidh dom péarla an bhrollaigh ghil bháin.
Hamilton (John Noel): A phonetic study of the Irish of Tory Island, Co. Donegal.
Studies in Irish language and literature, 3. Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast, 1974. iv + 342 pp.
Study based on a collection of phonetic texts comprising stories, songs, curses, proverbs, rhymes, etc. With sections on phonology, syntax, accidence, a list of place names and a dictionary of approx. 4,000 words.

Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 17 (1980), pp. 319-320.
Noel McGonagle, in ZCP 35 (1976), pp. 322-326.
Brian Ó Cuív, in Celtica 13 (1980), pp. 184-190.
Seosamh Watson, in Éigse 16/4 (1976), pp. 340-344.
Hamilton (Noel): Céadna, céanna, etc.
In Éigse 16/4 (Geimhreadh 1976), p. 274.
Suggests that the change céadna / céanna > céarna is due to analogy with darna.
Hamilton (Noel): The imperative 1st plural.
In Éigse 17/1 (Samhradh 1977), p. 104.
On the use of 1st pl. future for 1st pl. imperative in Ulster Irish and north-west Mayo.
Ó hUrmoltaigh (Nollaig): Arís.
In Éigse 17/1 (Samhradh 1977), p. 114.
Arís can have future indefinite time reference ‘later on, sometime later’.
Ó hUrmoltaigh (Nollaig): I(n) + possessive in Modern Irish.
In Ériu 34 (1983), pp. 135–142.
Also on the ‘elision’ / ‘loss’ of i(n) before possessives.
Hamilton (Noel): Obituary of Deirdre Flanagan.
In Ainm 1 (1986), pp. 1–2.
Hamilton (Noel): The non-personal in Irish.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 366–373.
Discusses the deletion of the subject pronoun in analytic forms and the substitution of synthetic forms by the non-personal (i.e. historical 3rd sg.) in the responsive and in other instances of repetition of the main verb.
Hamilton (Noel): Abairtí scoilte dobhriathartha.
In NACCS 1 (1988), pp. 273–282.
Discusses focusing strategies in early Irish.
Hamilton (Noel): ‘Ancient’ Irish music.
In NACCS 1 (1988), pp. 283–291.