Dumville (David Norman)

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On the missing folio y.
Dumville (David N.): An episode in Edmund Campion’s Historie of Ireland.
In Éigse 16/2 (Geimhreadh, 1975), pp. 131–132.
On St. Peter battling for the soul of an Irish galloglass.
Dumville (David N.): Echtrae and immram: some problems of definition.
In Ériu 27 (1976), pp. 73–94.
Relevance of Immram Brain.
Dumville (David N.): An Irish idiom latinised.
In Éigse 16/3 (Samhradh, 1976), pp. 183–186.
In Chartres recension of Historia Brittonum, Lat fregit bellum ante [ …] super [ …], based on Ir. maidid in cath re n- [ …] for [ …], was added by a tenth-century Irish scholar.
Dumville (David N.): The textual history of Lebor Bretnach: a preliminary study.
In Éigse 16/4 (Geimhreadh, 1976), pp. 255–273.
MSS discussed incl. RIA 23 E 25 (LU), 23 P 12 (Book of Ballymote), 23 P 2 (Book of Lecan) (and its nine leaves now contained in TCD MS H 2. 17), D ii 1 (Book of Uí Mhaine) (and its four leaves now contained in Egerton 90); NLI G 1; TCD H 3. 17, E 4.1; Laud Misc. 610; Lost MS E (used by John Lynch).
Dumville (David N.): Celtic-Latin texts in northern England, c. 1150–c. 1250.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 19–49.
Discusses evidence for Latin textual material of Celtic origin from two MSS from the Cistercian abbey of Sawley (founded 1148): the first MS Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 139, the second divided between MS Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 66 and MS Cambridge, University Library Ff.1.27.
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vs. J. V. Kelleher, in Ériu 22 (1971), pp. 107–127.
Kelleher (John V.) (ref.)
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ad Vita Columbae §I.33 (as ed. by A. O. Anderson and M. O. Anderson 1961).
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Repr. in Histories and pseudo-histories of the Insular middle ages, nº XVII.
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pp. 13-18: Bibliography of the publications of K. H.

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1. The Annals of Inisfallen, A.D. 431-1092: sources, structure and history; 2. The peculiarity of the Annals of Tigernach, A.D. 489-766: the Clonmacnoise redaction of the ‘Chronicle of Ireland’; 3. Where did the ‘Clonmacnoise chronicle’ originate? The evidence of the Annals of Tigernach and the Chronicum Scotorum, A.D. 974-1150; 4. When was the ‘Clonmacnoise chronicle’ created? The evidence of the Welsh annals.

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Dumville (David): Late-seventh or eighth-century evidence for the British transmission of Pelagius.
In CMCS 10 (Winter, 1985), pp. 39–52.
Ed. of scribal colophon on Pelagius’s Commentary on the Pauline Epistles from MSS Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 9530 and Salisbury, Cathedral Library, 5; with Engl transl. Suggests that the text was copied in Wales. Discusses the names Helisęus, Merianus and Salamonis.
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In CMCS 10 (Winter, 1985), pp. 67–86.
Review article of: The Annals of Ulster (to a.d. 1131). Part I: Text and translation, ed. and transl. by S. Mac Airt and G. Mac Niocaill (Dublin: DIAS, 1983).

Repr. in Histories and pseudo-histories of the Insular middle ages, nº XVI.
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Republ. in The Otherworld voyage in early Irish literature, pp. 120-132.
Dumville (David N.): Two troublesome abbots.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 146–152.
1. Cumméne, Abbot of Iona (657-69) [Epithet `Ailbe' reflects Lat. albus, Ir fionn]; 2. Flann, Abbot of Clonmacnoise (?724-732/3) [on the epithets Sinna(e) and Fíne / Fína].
Dumville (David N.): Histories and pseudo-histories of the Insular middle ages.
CS, 316. Aldershot: Variorum, 1990. x + 342 pp. portr. (Collected studies, 316).
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In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 25–28.
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In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 39–43.
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In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 59–64.
Dumville (David N.): Acta Palladii preserved in Patrician hagiography?
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Dumville (David N.): Bishop Palladius’s computus?
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 85–88.
Dumville (David N.): Auxilius, Iserninus, Secundinus, and Benignus.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 89–105.
Dumville (David N.): Coroticus.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 107–115.
Discusses the identity of the subject of Patrick’s letter.
Dumville (David N.): Verba militibus mittenda Corotici: an analysis of St. Patrick’s tract on the crimes of Coroticus.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 117–127.
Dumville (David N.): Picti apostatae(que).
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 129–131.
Dumville (David N.): British missionary activity in Ireland.
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Dumville (David N.): Emain Macha, Ard Macha.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 147–152.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick at his ‘first synod’?
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Includes reconstructed Latin text.
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In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 203–219.
Includes reconstructed Latin text.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick in the Historia Brittonum: three texts.
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Dumville (David N.)
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ad AU 629.1, etc.
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In ÉtC 32 (1996), pp. 175–187.
Argues that Albu in this text is means ‘Britain’, not ‘Scotland’.
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Concerns the hagiographical tale Indarba Mochuda a rRaithin.
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In Kings, clerics and chronicles in Scotland [M. O. Anderson essays] (2000), pp. 73–86.
Discusses the Scottish chronicle in MS Paris, BNF, Latin 4126.
Dumville (David N.): Cethri prímchenéla Dáil Riata.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 170–191.
A discussion of this genealogical treatise; includes transcripts from the six extant manuscript witnesses.
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In Studies in Irish hagiography (2001), pp. 172–188.
Dumville (David N.): Félire Óengusso: problems of dating a monument of Old Irish.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 19–48.
Revises the methodology used to establish the date of composition of and the Martyrology of Tallaght. Suggests terminus ante quem non of 797 for . Cf. P. Ó Riain, in CMCS 20 (Winter, 1990), pp. 21-38.
Dumville (David N.): Ireland and North Britain in the earlier Middle Ages: contexts for Míniugud senchusa fher nAlban.
In Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 1 (2002), pp. 185–212.
With a genealogical chart. Incl. ed. based on Bannerman’s own from MS TCD 1298 and commentary.
Dumville (David N.): A Pictish or Gaelic ecclesiastic in Mercia?
In SGS 21 (2003), pp. 1–8.
Suggests the Abbot Cynað (or Cynath) mentioned in Anglo-Saxon sources may have originally been either a Gael (cf. OIr. Cinaed) or a Pict (cf. Pictish Ciniod, Cinioth).
Dumville (David N.) (ed.), Ó Néill (Pádraig P.) (ed.): Cáin Adomnáin and Canones Adomnani / edited and translated by Pádraig P. Ó Néill and David N. Dumville.
Cambridge: Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, University of Cambridge, 2003. xl + 62 pp. 2 vols. (Basic texts for Gaelic history, 2).
Text and translation of Cáin Adomnáin based on K. Meyer 1905 (Best1, p. 228) with the omission of §§1-27.
Dumville (David N.): Howard Maxwell Meroney, 1906–1991, founder of The Journal of Celtic Studies.
In JCS 4 (2004), pp. ix–xi.
Dumville (David N.): Mael Brigte mac Tornáin, pluralist coarb (†927).
In JCS 4 (2004), pp. 97–116.
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Dumville (David N.): Gaelic and other Celtic names in the ninth-century ‘Northumbrian Liber Vitae': some issues and implications.
In SGS 22 (2006), pp. 1–25.
Identifies and discusses personal names of certain or arguable Irish origin (Abniar, Adamnan, Bressal, Brón, Denma, Dengus, Faelfi, Fergus, Finan, Fladgus, Reachtchriðe, Salfach, Ultan; Cuna, Cunen, Honoc, Maethcor, Mucca, Ona, Onboth).
Dumville (David N.): What is mediaeval Gaelic poetry?
In Explorations in cultural history (2010), pp. 81–153.
Includes two case-studies: 1. Verse in chronicles; 2. Ninth-century Gaelic manuscripts on the European continent and the implications of their vernacular poetic content.
Dumville (David N.): Political organisation in Dál Riata.
In Tome [Charles-Edwards studies] (2011), pp. 41–52.
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