Mac Niocaill (Gearóid)

(1932 – 2004)

Mac Niocaill (Gearóid): Ireland before the Vikings.
Gill hist. Ire., 1. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 1972. [viii] + 172 pp. (The Gill history of Ireland, 1).
Rev. by
Kathleen Hughes, in StH 12 (1972), pp. 190-193.
Mac Niocaill (Gearóid), Martin (F. X.) (forw. auth.): The medieval Irish annals; foreword by F. X. Martin.
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Mac Niocaill (Gearóid): Aspects of Irish law in the late thirteenth century.
In HSt, 10 (1976), pp. 25–42.
Mac Niocaill (Gearóid): The background of the Battle of Tarbga.
In Celtica 11 (1976), pp. 133–140.
Includes text and translation of text on the Battle of Tarbga (set in early 9th c.), beg. Uata m Dadlaich dano, Fogartach mac Diarmata rig Corcor Tri [. . .], embedded in genealogical tract on the Uí Diarmada. Edited from MS RIA 23 P 2 (Bk of Lecan) with corrections and substantive variants from MS RIA 23 P 12 (Bk of Ballymote).
Mac Niocaill (Gearóid): Investment in early Irish agriculture.
In Studies on early Ireland [Duignan essays] (1982), pp. 7–9.
An analysis of the functioning of base clientship.
Mac Airt (Seán), Mac Niocaill (Gearóid): The Annals of Ulster (to A.D. 1131). Part I: Text and translation.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1983. xv + 579 pp.
Edition based on MS TCD H 1. 8 (with some readings from Rawlinson B 489); with English translation [abbreviation: AU2].

Rev. by
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Mac Niocaill (Gearóid): Die politische Szene Irlands im 8. Jahrhundert: Königtum und Herrschaft.
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Mac Niocaill (Gearóid): The Irish-language manuscripts.
Peritia: journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland 16 (2002)
Mac Niocaill (Gearóid) (hon.)