Egeler (Matthias)

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Discusses the figure of the Bodb in early Irish literature.
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On the possible mythological background to the literary figure of queen Medb.
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Proposes this term should be interpreted as ‘weaver’s sword’.
Egeler (Matthias): Horses, lakes, and heroes: Landnámabók S83, Vǫlsunga saga 13, and the Grey of Macha.
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On the possible adaptation of an Irish motif.
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Contains German transls. of Echtrae Chonnlai, Immram Brain maic Febuil, and Serglige Con Culainn. Epilogue: Keltischer Mythos und christliche Theologie in den Erzählungen vom Land der Frauen.
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Review article of: Understanding Celtic religion, ed. by Katja Ritari and Alexandra Bergholm (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2015); Ireland’s immortals, by Mark Williams (Princeton, NJ; Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2016).
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Rev. by
Bernhard Maier, in Early medieval Europe 27/3 (Aug., 2019), pp. 448-450.
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Rev. by
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In Landscape and myth in North-Western Europe (2019), pp. 63–78.
Suggests the place-story of the ‘Island of the Living’ in Loch Cré was borrowed from Ireland to Iceland, becoming the place-myth of the Ódáinsakur (the ‘Field of the Not-Dead’) in Hvanndalur.
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