Poppe (Erich)

Poppe (Erich): A Middle Irish poem on Éimíne’s bell.
In Celtica 17 (1985), pp. 59–72.
beg. In clocán-sa na ríg ruad (32 qq.). Critical edition (normalised) from MSS RIA 23 P 3, BL , TCD H 1. 11, and Brussels 2324–40; with English translation and notes. A versified elaboration of the narrative of Cáin Émíne Báin which it follows in the manuscripts.
Poppe (Erich): A new edition of Cáin Éimíne Báin.
In Celtica 18 (1986), pp. 35–52.
Critical edition from MSS RIA 23 P 3 and BL Additional 30512, normalised to Old Irish standard; with English translation and notes.
Poppe (Erich): Leibniz and Eckhart on the Irish language.
In ECI 1 (1986), pp. 65–84.
Poppe (Erich): Varia: IV. Émíne, Íamnat, Íamán.
In Ériu 37 (1986), pp. 187–188.
On the pattern of the same element occurring in the names of son, father and mother.
Poppe (Erich): The genealogy of Émín(e) in the Book of Leinster.
In Ériu 40 (1989), pp. 93–97.
Poppe (Erich): Über die keltischen Wörter in der Dissertatio de origine Germanica Latinae linguae des J. L. Prasch.
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Poppe (Erich): The early modern Irish version of Beves of Hamtoun.
In CMCS 23 (Summer, 1992), pp. 77–98.
Bethadh Bibuis o Hamtuir, from MS TCD H 2. 7. Discusses the process of adaptation of the Middle English text into early modern Irish; without edition or translation.
Poppe (Erich): The Celtic languages in Conrad Gessner’s Mithridates (1555).
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 240–250.
Briefly informs of the treatment of Irish and Scottish Gaelic in this work.
Poppe (Erich): Beobachtungen zum Adverbialgebrauch in den Texten der Táin bó Cúailnge.
In Studien zur Táin bó Cúailnge (1993), pp. 29–59.
Poppe (Erich): A note on the jester in Fingal Rónáin.
In StH 27 (1993), pp. 145–154.
Examines the close association of a king and his jester in early Irish literature, suggesting that the royal buffoon is a symbol of Máel Fothartaig’s right to kingship.
Poppe (Erich): Vorüberlegungen zu einer Interpretation von Voranstellungen im Alt-/Mittelirischen.
In 1. Deutsches Keltologensymposium (1993), pp. 229–240.
Analysis of the functions of cleft sentences in Old and Middle Irish, of which some are not to be taken as such and should therefore be regarded as non-emphatic.
Poppe (Erich): The pragmatics of complex sentences: interpreting the position of temporal clauses in Early Irish.
In JCeltL 3 (May, 1994), pp. 1–32.
Poppe (Erich): Natural and artificial gender in Auraicept na n-éces.
In StH 29 (1995–1997), pp. 195–203.
Analyses the discussion of grammatical gender in the first section of the Auraicept (Book of Ballymote, lines 520-570).
Poppe (Erich): A new introduction to Imtheachta Aeniasa, the Irish Aeneid: the classical epic from an Irish perspective.
ITS-SS, 3. London: Irish Texts Society, 1995. 40 pp.
Poppe (Erich): Deception and self-deception in Fingal Rónáin.
In Ériu 47 (1996), pp. 137–151.
Analysis of the terms bréc ‘deceit’ and fír ‘true/truth’.
Poppe (Erich): Favourite expressions, repetition, and variation: observations on Beatha Mhuire eigiptacdha in Add. 30512.
In Mary of Egypt (1996), pp. 279–299.
Discusses features of the literary style of Uilliam Mac an Leagha based on a comparison of his version of the Life of Mary of Egypt and various other adaptations attributed to him.
Poppe (Erich) (ed.), Ross (Bianca) (ed.): The legend of Mary of Egypt in medieval insular hagiography / edited by Erich Poppe and Bianca Ross.
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Poppe (Erich): Nídat mera na doene “die Menschen sind nicht töricht” ?: Verkennung, Täuschung und Selbstäuschung in mittelalterlichen irischen Erzählungen.
Poppe (Erich): Stair Nuadat Find Femin: eine irische Romanze?
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 749–759.
Compares the concept of the hero in this narrative with that of its likely English models, and argues in favour of considering it an example of medieval romance, purposely composed by Uilliam Mac an Leagha as an Irish answer to the pagan Greece-set Stair Ercuil ocus a bás.
Poppe (Erich): Prolog: Zu einigen Formen textueller Aneignungsprozesse im insularen Mittelalter.
Poppe (Erich): Reconstructing medieval Irish literary theory: the lesson of Airec Menman Uraird maic Coise.
In CMCS 37 (Summer, 1999), pp. 33–54.
Discusses how the meaning of medieval Irish historical (and pseudo-historical) narrative was perceived by its contemporary public.
Poppe (Erich): Varia: II. King Ahab, Boia, Mac Da Thó and Ailill.
In Ériu 50 (1999), pp. 169–171.
The beginning of the biblical story of Ahab and Jezebel concerning wives’ advice (1 Kings, 21.4-5) served as a model in Wales and in Ireland (e.g. Scéla muicce Meic Da Thó, Fled Bricrenn).
Poppe (Erich): Latinate terminology in Auraicept na n-éces.
In History of linguistics 1996 (1999), pp. 191–201.
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In Ildánach ildírech [Fs. Mac Cana] (1999), pp. 203–210.
Poppe (Erich): Cormac’s metrical testament: Mithig techt tar mo thimna.
In Celtica 23 (1999), pp. 300–311.
13 qq.; based on Franciscan MS A 9, with English translation and notes. Ascribed to Cormac mac Cuilennáin in concluding quatrain.
Poppe (Erich) (ed.), Tristram (Hildegard L. C.) (ed.): Übersetzung, Adaptation und Akkulturation im insularen Mittelalter / Erich Poppe, Hildegard L.C. Tristram (Hrsg.).
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In Celtic Englishes 2 (2000), pp. 117–145.
Poppe (Erich): Early grammatical descriptions of the Celtic languages.
In History of the language sciences [= HSK 18] (2000), pp. 800–805.
§5. Grammars of Irish, c. 1610 to 1728; §6. Shaw’s grammar of Scottish Gaelic, 1778; §7. Kelly’s grammar of Manx, 1804.
Poppe (Erich): Codes of conduct and honour in Stair Bibuis.
In Ogma [Fs. Ní Chatháin] (2002), pp. 200–210.
Poppe (Erich): The ‘expanded form’ in Insular Celtic and English: some historical and comparative considerations, with special emphasis on Middle Irish.
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In Texts and transmission (2002), pp. 296–312.
Poppe (Erich): Personal names and an insular tradition of Pseudo-Dares.
In Ériu 53 (2003), pp. 53–59.
Suggests that Togail Troí (Recension II) and Ystorya Daret (Recension Ia) are closely related, and are indicative of a complex Insular transmission of Latin texts of the De excidio Troiae historia.
Poppe (Erich): Imtheachta Aeniasa: Virgil’s Aeneid in Medieval Ireland.
In Classics Ireland 11 (2004), pp. 74–94.
Poppe (Erich): A Virgilian model for lúirech thredúalach?
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 171–177.
Suggests that OIr. lúirech thredúalach is calqued on the rare Latin collocation lōrı̄ca trilı̄x (Aeneid 3×), hence the abundant examples in Middle Irish literature.
Poppe (Erich) (ed.): Keltologie Heute: Themen und Fragestellungen; Akten des 3. Deutschen Keltologensymposiums, Marburg, März 2001 / Erich Poppe (Herausgeber).
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1. Poetic theory; 2. The evidence of narrative prose.
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Papers from a colloquium held in Lausanne, June 2004.

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Poppe (Erich): Exotic and monstrous races in the Leabhar Breac's Gospel History and the transmission of arcane knowledge to medieval Ireland.
In Lochlann [Fs. Rekdal] (2013), pp. 39–56.
Explores the sources for the lore on exotic and monstrous races in Ethiopia and Asia described in the section headed Cétproicept Ísu sund.
Poppe (Erich): Josef Weisweiler (1900-1987): his life and his work in Celtic Studies.
In LCC 43 (2013), pp. 85–130.
Poppe (Erich): Imtheachta Aeniasa and its place in medieval Irish textual history.
Poppe (Erich): Narrative history and cultural memory in medieval Ireland: some preliminary thoughts.
In Medieval Irish perspectives on cultural memory (2014), pp. 135–176.
Discusses the cultural and social values attached to memory and remembrance in medieval Ireland.
Poppe (Erich): Textual authority and adaptation in ‘Christ’s first preaching’ in the Leabhar Breac.
In Authorities and adaptations (2014), pp. 159–184.
Attempts to identify the textual authorities used and adapted by the compiler of the text entitled Cétproicept Ísu sund (beg. Iar cur tra Eoin Bauptist hi carcair).
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Papers arising from a workshop held in Oslo, November/December 2007/2008.
Poppe (Erich): Scholia: a medieval learned background to In cath catharda.
In Mélanges Lambert (2015), pp. 431–439.
Poppe (Erich): Caide máthair bréithre ‘what is the mother of a word’: thinking about words in medieval Ireland.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 65–84.
Examines the medieval Irish scholars’ conceptualization and terminology of the ‘word’ as a grammatical unit, drawing upon evidence from the tracts Dliged sésa a huraicept na mac sésa and Auraicept na n-éces.
Poppe (Erich): Lucan’s Bellum civile in Ireland: structure and sources.
In StH 42 (2016), pp. 97–120.
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In Arthur in the Celtic languages (2019), pp. 341–343.
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