O’Sullivan (William)

(1921 – 2000)

O’Sullivan (William): The Irish manuscripts in case H in Trinity College Dublin catalogued by Matthew Young in 1781.
In Celtica 11 (1976), pp. 229–250.
Incl. two apps. App. A: Catalogue of the Irish MSS in the Library of TCD 1781 made by Matthew Young (†1800); App. B: MSS likely to have been in the Library in 1781, although not included in Young’s catalogue.
O’Sullivan (William): Ciothruadh’s Yellow Book of Lecan.
In Éigse 18/2 (1981), pp. 177–181.
Cols. 370–400 and 573–958 of MS TCD H 2. 16 are shown to belong to the book named by Ciothruadh Mac Fhir Bhisigh. MS NLI G 4, containing YBL cols. 959–998, also belongs here.
O’Sullivan (W.): Medieval Meath manuscripts.
In RíM 7/4 (1985–1986), pp. 3–21.
O’Sullivan (William): Insular calligraphy: current state and problems.
In Peritia 4 (1985), pp. 346–349.
Review article of: The Irish hand: scribes and their manuscripts from the earliest times to the seventeenth century: with an exemplar of Irish scripts. Introduction by Francis John Byrne, by T. O’Neill (Dublin: Dolmen Press, 1984).
O’Sullivan (William): Additional medieval Meath manuscripts.
In RíM 8/1 (1987), pp. 68–70.
O’Sullivan (William): The Book of Uí Maine formerly the Book of Ó Dubhagáin: scripts and structure.
In Éigse 23 (1989), pp. 151–166.
Incl. table and plts.
O’Sullivan (William): Correspondence of David Rothe and James Ussher, 1619-23.
In CoH 36–37 (1994–1995), pp. 7–49.
Concerns early Irish ecclesiastical history.
O’Sullivan (William) (revr.): The Lindisfarne scriptorium: for and against.
In Peritia 8 (1994), pp. 80–94.
Review article of: St. Cuthbert, his cult and his community to ad 1200, ed. by Gerald Bonner, David Rollason and Clare Stancliffe (Woodbridge: Boydell, 1989). Vs. Michelle P. Brown, ‘The Lindisfarne scriptorium from the late seventh to the early ninth century’, pp. 151–63. Argues that Insular majuscule developed in Ireland and the Durham and Echternach gospels had common roots in Ireland.
O’Sullivan (William): The palaeographical background to the Book of Kells.
In The book of Kells (1994), pp. 175–182.
O’Sullivan (William): A finding list of Sir James Ware’s manuscripts.
In PRIA-C 97 (1997), pp. 69–99.
O’Sullivan (William): A Waterford origin for the Codex Salmanticensis.
In Decies 54 (1998), pp. 17–24.
Dates this manuscript to the early 14th century and argues that it was produced at the Augustinian Priory of St. Catherine’s in Waterford.
Barnard (Toby) (ed.), Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí) (ed.), Simms (Katharine) (ed.): ‘A miracle of learning’: studies in manuscripts and Irish learning: essays in honour of William O’Sullivan / edited by Toby Barnard, Dáibhí Ó Cróinín, Katharine Simms.
Aldershot: Ashgate, 1998. xiv + 303 pp.
pp. 284-285: A select bibliography of W. O’S.

Rev. by
T. M. Charles-Edwards, in Peritia 13 (1999), pp. 315-318.
O’Sullivan (William) (hon.)
O’Sullivan (William): The Slane manuscript of the Annals of the Four Masters.
In RíM 10 (1999), pp. 78–85.
i.e. the second volume of the Louvaine set of the Annals.
O’Sullivan (William): The Book of Domhnall Ó Duibhdábhoireann, provenance and codicology.
In Celtica 23 (1999), pp. 276–299.
Includes an appendix describing the structure in terms of hands of Egerton 88, RIA 23 Q 6, and Copenhagen 261 B, all of which belonged originally to the same MS; appendix also includes 7 plates from Egerton 88.
O’Sullivan (William): The manuscript collection of Dubhaltach Mac Fhirbhisigh.
In Seanchas [Fs. Byrne] (2000), pp. 439–447.
O’Sullivan (William): Manuscripts and palaeography.
In Prehistoric and early Ireland (2005), pp. 511–548.