Holohan (Patrick)

Holohan (Patrick): Two controverted Cork parliamentary elections and a broadsheet poem in the Irish language.
In JCHAS 113 (2008), pp. 114–130.
Includes a diplomatic edition of the original broadsheet (in semi-phonetic spelling), entitled ‘An Irish elegy’, by James O’Brien, and normalized text. First line: Agus ata O’Connell ar ngarda a bparliament; with English translation.
Holohan (Patrick): Eastig a deena: a bilingual O’Connellite ballad.
In JCHAS 116 (2011), pp. 86–93.
Madden Collection Cambridge 24, N.º 307. Anonymous in Irish and English, dated to c. 1830, with Irish verses in semi-phonetic spelling. Includes diplomatic edition, with English translation.