Raftery (Barry Joseph)

(1944 – 2010)

Frey (Otto Hermann) (ed.), Kruta (Venceslas) (ed.), Moscati (Sabatino) (ed.), Raftery (Barry) (ed.), Szabó (Miklós) (ed.), Arslan (Ermanno) (assist. ed.), Vitali (Daniele) (assist. ed.): The Celts / scientific direction: Sabatino Moscati (coordinator), Otto Herman Frey, Venceslas Kruta, Barry Raftery, Miklós Szabó; scientific secretariat: Ermanno Arslan, Daniele Vitali.
Milano: Bompiani, 1991. 798 pp. illus.
Catalogue of the exhibition ‘The Celts, the origins of Europe’, held in Palazzo Grassi, Venice, 1991. Includes sections on The Island Celts and The Christian Celts with contributions by A. Breeze, F. Kelly, P. Mac Cana, G. Mac Eoin, D. Ó Cróinín, B. Raftery.

Publ. in the United Kingdom by Thames and Hudson, London, 1991.
Publ. in the United States of America by Rizzoli, New York, 1991.

Rev. by
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