McCaughey (Terence Patrick)

(1932 – 2016)

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On the unexpected eclipsis seen in this form.
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McCaughey (Terence): Bards, beasts and men.
In Sages, saints and storytellers [Fs. Carney] (1989), pp. 102–121.
Studies animal metaphors in poetry by South East Ulster filí and Clan Donald bards from the 17th and 18th centuries.
McCaughey (Terence): James Patrick Carney.
In Celtica 23 (1999), pp. 188–192.
Carney (James Patrick) (hon.)
McCaughey (Terence): Dr. Bedell and Mr. King: the making of the Irish Bible.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2001. 63 pp. plts.
Rev. by
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