Hughes (Arthur John)

Hughes (A. J.): Lios-seanchas ó lár Thír Chonaill.
In Donegal annual 37 (1985), pp. 27–31.
Traditions recorded from speakers from the parishes of Inis Caoil and Cill Taobhóg in Co. Donegal.
Hughes (A. J.): Broc and brock in the Irish and English of Ulster.
In UF 32 (1986), pp. 86–91.
Hughes (A. J.): Clonclayagh.
In Ainm 1 (1986), pp. 92–93.
ad J. O’Kane in ZCP 31.119 (BILL 1528).
Hughes (A. J.): Four Tyrone folktales.
In UF 33 (1987), pp. 32–43.
English translation of a selection from Sgéalta Mhuintir Luinigh, collected by Éamonn Ó Tuathail between 1929 and 1932 (cf. Best2 773a). English text only.
Hughes (A. J.): Fuar leam longphort mo charad.
In Celtica 19 (1987), pp. 61–74.
Poem (13 qq.) addressed by Diarmuid Mac an Bhaird to Brian mac Briain Mheic Mhathghamhna, beg. Fuar leam longphort mo charad. Ed. from MS RIA 24 P 4 with transl. and notes. Echoes from Eochaidh Ó hEodhusa’s poem to Aodh Mag Uidhir Fúar liom an adhaighsi dh’Aodh: see O. Bergin, Irish Bardic Poetry, no. 29 (BILL 5567).
Bergin (O.) (ref.)
Hughes (A. J.): Rang scoile a teagascadh i dTír Chonaill?
In Donegal annual 39 (1987), pp. 99–102.
Provides two texts illustrating the dialect of the central Gaeltacht of Donegal.
Hughes (A. J.): Orthographical evidence of developments in Donegal Irish.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 126–134.
Based on excerpts from Séamus Ó Grianna, An draoidín.

(a) (i) ao [ɯː ∼ iː], (ii) leh; (b) (i) spread of the verbal noun ending -adh [u]; (c) (i) [rˊ ∼ j] (ii) [lˊ ∼ lˊ]; (d) (i) [rˊ ∼ r]; (ii) [ö̤ː ∼ eː].

Hughes (A. J.): Loch an Airgid and Cruach an Airgid/Silver Hill.
In Ainm 2 (1987), pp. 127–140.
Hughes (A. J.): Anecdotes relating to Peadar Ó Doirnín and Cormac na gCeann.
In SAM 12/2 (1987), pp. 128–137.
In English; text from RIA 23 E 11. Collected by Nicholas O’Kearney c. 1850.
Hughes (A. J.), McDaniel (Eilís): A nineteenth-century translation of the Deirdre story.
In Emania 5 (Autumn, 1988), pp. 41–47, 6 (1989) pp. 43–47, 7 (1990) pp. 54–58.
Written by Samuel Bryson (1778-1853) in 1805. Transcribed from MS Belfast, Central Library (Bryson and MacAdam Collection), 37. Continues in Emania 6.
Bryson (Samuel) (trans.)
Hughes (A. J.): Sheep, ship in place-names, a caveat.
In Ainm 3 (1988), pp. 73–76.
Hughes (A. J.): Heinrich Wagner: laoch ar lár.
In Donegal annual 40 (1988), pp. 111–121.
Hughes (A. J.), McDaniel (Eilís): Bryson’s translation of the story of Deirdre (part 2).
In Emania 6 (Spring, 1989), pp. 43–47.
Continues in Emania 7 (1990).
Bryson (Samuel) (trans.)
Hughes (A. J.): Aistriúchán Gaeilge ar chuid d’aiste Locke.
In SAM 13/2 (1989), pp. 121–166.
By John O’Donovan. Text from MS TCD N 5. 14; with English translation and glossary.
O’Donovan (John) (trans.)
Hughes (A. J.): Old Irish mennán, bennán.
In ZCP 43 (1989), pp. 179–186.
Argues that mennán and bennán are etymologically unrelated but that the former attracted the latter to its semantic range because of the sporadic sound change b > m.
Hughes (A. J.): Old Irish Cnogba modern townland Crewbane: conclusive evidence for a sound change in Meath Irish?
In Ainm 4 (1989–1990), pp. 224–226.
Hughes (A. J.), McDaniel (Eilís): Bryson’s translation of the story of Deirdre.
In Emania 7 (1990), pp. 54–58.
Bryson (Samuel) (trans.)
Hughes (A. J.): The seventeenth-century Ulster/Scottish contention of the Red Hand: background and significance.
In Gaelic and Scots in harmony (1990), pp. 78–94.
Hughes (A. J.): On the Ulster place-names: Glynn, Glenavy, Carrickfergus and Forkill.
In Ainm 5 (1991), pp. 92–107.
Hughes (A. J.): The Old Cornish personal name Brenci and Middle Welsh Brengi/Bryngi.
In CMCS 22 (Winter, 1991), pp. 95–99.
Posits CC *Branokwū as etymon of OIr. Branchú, MW Brengi and OC Brenci.
Hughes (A. J.): Ulster Scots gowk storm, Ulster Gaelic (s)gairbhshíon na cuaiche.
In UF 37 (1991), pp. 107–108.
Hughes (A. J.): Irish place-names: some perspectives, pitfalls, procedures and potential.
In SAM 14/2 (1991), pp. 116–148.
Hughes (A. J.): Varia: V. The geographical location of the fortúatha Ulad of Lebor na Cert.
In Ériu 42 (1991), pp. 149–151.
Identifies their territory as being the Ards Peninsula (Aird); emends a Forthuathaib arda to a Forthuathaib Arda in poem beg. Dligid ríg Eamna acus Ulad (Lebor na Cert: The Book of Rights, ed. by M. Dillon (Dublin, 1962) l. 1376).
Hughes (A. J.): Roinnt leaganacha i nGaeilge Thír Eoghain:.
In Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 173–174.
1. iarainn Phádraig ‘tongs’ [Republ. with changes in SAM 16/2 (1995) pp. 103–106]; 2. meannán aeir > meannán féir ‘snipe’; 3. Both Domhnaigh > Magh (n)Domhnaigh ‘Badoney’.
Hughes (Art J.): Les mots qui désignent « le cheval » dans les langues gaéliques, du point de vue de la géographie linguistique.
In Bretagne linguistique 8 (1991–1992), pp. 223–259.
Hughes (A. J.): Capella de Tener 1306 AD and modern Tara in the Ards Peninsula.
In ULS 14/2 (Winter, 1992), pp. 66–71.
Uí Fhlannagáin (Deirdre), Hughes (A. J.) (trans.): Deirdre Flanagan’s ‘Belfast and the place-names therein’, in translation.
In UF 38 (1992), pp. 79–97.
Transl. of D. Flanagan, Béal Feirste agus áitainmneacha laistigh, in (pp. 45-64) Topothesia: essays in honour of T. S. Ó Máille, ed. by B. S. Mac Aodha (Galway 1982).
Ó Muraíle (Nollaig) (gen. ed.), Stockman (Gearóid) (gen. ed.): Place-names of Northern Ireland.
Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, Queen’s University Belfast, 1992–2004.
Vol. 1: County Down I. Newry and South-West Down, by Gregory Toner and Mícheál B. Ó Mainnín. 1992. xxi + 217 pp.
Vol. 2: County Down II. The Ards, by A. J. Hughes and R. J. Hannan. 1992. xxi + 301 pp.
Vol. 3: County Down III. The Mournes, by Mícheál B. Ó Mainnín. 1993. xxi + 246 pp.
Vol. 4: County Antrim I. The baronies of Toome, by Patrick McKay. 1995. xxi + 313 pp.
Vol. 5. County Derry I. The Moyola Valley, by Gregory Toner. 1996. xix + 283 pp.
Vol. 6: County Down IV. North-West Down/Iveagh, by Kay Muhr. 1996. xxi + 422 pp.
Vol. 7: County Antrim II. Ballycastle and North-East Antrim, by Fiachra Mac Gabhann. 1997. xxi + 408.
Vol. 8: County Fermanagh I. Linaskea and district: the parish of Aghalurcher, by Patrick McKay. 2004. xxii + 260 pp.

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Hughes (A. J.): A bardic poem by Diarmuid mac an Bhaird on the destruction of a Mac Mahon stronghold in Co. Monaghan in 1647 AD.
In Clogher record 14/3 (1993), pp. 67–76.
Truagh an corsa ar ráth na ríogh, 10 qq., from MS RIA 24 P 4; with English translation and textual notes.
Hughes (A. J.): Old Welsh Cunbran/Conbran < *kunobranos ‘wolf-raven’, in the light of Old Irish Conbran(n).
In Ériu 44 (1993), pp. 95–98.
vs. P. Sims-Williams, in BBCS 38 (1991), p. 39.
Sims-Williams (P.) (ref.)
Hughes (A. J.): Manx speaker Ned Maddrell and Irish Gaelic author Liam Mac Reachtain.
In SAM 15/2 (1993), pp. 125–129.
Hughes (A. J.): Land acquisition by Gaelic bardic poets: insights from place-names and other sources.
In Ainm 6 (1994), pp. 74–102.
Discusses in particular the bardic families Ó Dálaigh, Ó hEodhasa, Mac Crosáin, Mac Aodhagáin, Mac an Bhaird, Ó Duibhgeannáin, Ó Gnímh, Mac Con Midhe, Ó hUiginn. Ó Ruanadha, Ó hEachaidhéin.
Hughes (A. J.): A phonetic glossary of Tyrone Irish.
In ZCP 46 (1994), pp. 119–163.
Edition of a wordlist of uncertain origin, containing forms of an undetermined East Ulster dialect with idiosyncratic phonetic annotations. It is argued that it was compiled by Seán Mac Airt on the basis of MS material dating from ca. 1900.
Hughes (A. J.): Stair na Gaeilge: aguisíní agus ceartúcháin don chaibidil ar Ghaeilge Chúige Uladh.
In SAM 16/1 (1994), pp. 125–132.
Hughes (Art): Gaeilge Uladh.
In Stair na Gaeilge (1994), pp. 611–660.
Add. & corr. in SAM 16/1 (1994) pp. 125–132.
Hughes (A. J.): The term iarann Phádraig ‘St. Patrick’s iron’ as ‘tongs’ in Tyrone Irish.
In SAM 16/2 (1995), pp. 103–106.
Hughes (A. J.): Some aspects of the salmon in Gaelic tradition past and present: 1. The metaphorical use of salmon in medieval Gaelic bardic poetry.
In ZCP 48 (1996), pp. 17–22.
Discusses the metaphorical use of éigne, , maighre, bradán in conjunction with proper names denoting water features to allude to chieftains.
Hughes (A. J.): Some aspects of the salmon in Gaelic tradition past and present: 2. On identifying salmon in the Vita Tripartita of St. Patrick and elsewhere.
In ZCP 48 (1996), pp. 22–28.
ad Vita Tripatita, 146.7-14 (as ed. by W. Stokes, 1887 [Best1, p. 240]), where fishermen are said to be able to distinguish salmon by river.
Hughes (Art J.): Un cas d’homonymie: les termes pour “visage” e pour “foie” dans les langues gaéliques.
In ÉtC 32 (1996), pp. 217–232.
aghaidh, éadan, aodan.
Hughes (A. J.): Ulster Irish char as a reflex of Old Irish nícon ro rather than a Scottish Import.
In Miscellanea Wagner (1997), pp. 225–258.
Hughes (Art J.): An dream Gaoidhealta Gallda: East Ulster poets and patrons as Gaelic and Irish crown personæ.
In ÉtC 34 (1998–2000), pp. 233–264.
Discusses the changing loyalties of Irish bards during and after Elizabethan times, using the relationship between the Agnew bardic family and the Anglo-Norman Savages as a case study.
Hughes (A. J.): Robert Shipboy MacAdam (1808–95): his life and Gaelic proverb collection.
Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast in association with the Folkore Society, 1998. xii + 226 pp.
A reedition, with linguistic notes and indexes, of R. S. Macadam's Six hundred Gaelic proverbs collected in Ulster, first publ. serially in UJA (1st ser.) 6, 7, 9 (1858-1862); preceded by a biographical account of R.S.McA.

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Hughes (A. J.): The virgin St. Duinsech and her three Ulster churches near Strangford Lough, County Down.
In Celtica 23 (1999), pp. 113–124.
Evidence for St Duinsech in east County Down in the placenames Killinchy, Killinchy in the Woods, and Dunsy Island in Strangford Lough.
Hughes (A. J.): Advancing the language: Irish in the twenty-first century.
In NHR 5/1 (Spring, 2001), pp. 101–126.
Hughes (A. J.): Irish language and literature on the verge of the third millennium and beyond.
In SAM 18/2 (2001), pp. 164–192.
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In Béalra (2001), pp. 199–239.
Hughes (A. J.): Gaelic poets and scribes of the south Armagh hinterland in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
In Armagh history and society (2001), pp. 505–557.
Discusses the figures of Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta (c.1647–1733), Pádraig Mac A Liondain (c.1665–1733), Peadar Ó Doirnín (c.1700–1769), Art Mac Cumhaigh (c.1738–1773), Ó Nioclás Ó Cearnaigh (c.1802–1865) and Arthur Bennet (1793–1879).
Hughes (A. J.) (ed.), Nolan (William) (ed.): Armagh: history and society; interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish county / editors: A. J. Hughes and William Nolan.
H&S, 15. Dublin: Geography Publications, 2001. lxxi + 1080 pp.
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Hughes (A. J.): Bunchomhrá Gaeilge.
Béal Féirste: Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin, 2002. 92 pp.
Add. t.-p.: Basic conversational Irish.
Hughes (A. J.): Robert MacAdam and the nineteenth-century Irish language revival.
In Belfast and the Irish language (2006), pp. 43–64.
Hughes (A. J.): The Ulster Gaelic Society and the work of MacAdam’s Irish scribes.
In Belfast and the Irish language (2006), pp. 65–100.
Aodh Mac Domhnaill (1802–1867), Peadar Ó Gealacáin (1792–1860), Art Mac Bionaid (1793–-1879).
Hughes (A. J.): Leabhar mór bhriathra na Gaeilge = The great Irish verb book.
Béal Feirste = Belfast: Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin = Ben Madigan Press, 2008. vii + 489 pp.
112 fully conjugated verb tables in standard Irish and in the three main dialects (Ulster, Connacht and Munster); with a bilingual introductory essay on dialectal variation, and an Index to 3300 other verbs.

Rev. by
Réamonn Ó Muirí, in SAM 22/2 (2009), pp. 320-321.

Abridged version: Leabhar laghdaithe bhriathra na Gaeilge = The abridged Irish verb book. Béal Féirste: Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin, 2009. 416 pp.
Hughes (A. J.): Leabhar laghdaithe bhriathra na Gaeilge = The abridged Irish verb book.
Béal Féirste = Belfast: Clólann Bheann Mhadagáin = Benmadigan Press, 2009. 416 pp.
115 conjugated verbs tables in standard Irish, with dialect notes, and an Index to 3300 other verbs.
Hughes (A. J.): On substantiating Indo-European *wl̥khos ‘wolf’ in Celtic, Continental and Insular.
In ÉtC 38 (2012), pp. 165–173.
Hughes (A. J.): Greek (σ)τέγοϛ ‘roof’, Old Irish teg, Clare Irish [t´e’] teagh ‘house’: a stratified reappraisal of house in pan-Gaelic.
In Mélanges Lambert (2015), pp. 149–183.
Hughes (A. J.): Brian Mag Mathghamhna (†1689): anailís ar a chiorcal liteartha idir an ré Chlasaiceach agus iar-Chlasaiceach i Muineachán agus níos faide i gCéin.
In Súgán an dúchais (2018), pp. 179–237.