Connon (Anne)

Connon (Anne): The Banshenchas and the Uí Néill queens of Tara.
In Seanchas [Fs. Byrne] (2000), pp. 98–108.
Analyses the Tara king framework underlying the first part of the historical section of the text, arguing that a mother-list of the kings of Tara was used as source.
Connon (Anne): A prosopography of the early queens of Tara.
In Kingship and landscape of Tara (2005), pp. 225–327.
A collection of biographical entries on queens associated with the kings of Tara listed in Baile Chuinn Chétchathaig and some of the dynasts named in the Airgíalla charter poem.
Connon (Anne): Plotting Acallam na senórach: the physical context of the 'Mayo’ sequence.
In Gablánach in scélaigecht [Fs. Dooley] (2013), pp. 69–102.
Connon (Anne): The Roscommon locus of Acallam na senórach and some thoughts as to tempus and persona.