Pődör (Dóra)

Pődör (Dóra): The phonology of Scottish Gaelic loanwords in Lowland Scots.
In ScotL 14–15 (1995–1996), pp. 174–189.
1. Introduction; 2. Medial and final th [θ]; 3. Medial and final non-palatal dh [ð]; 4. Medial and final palatal dh [ðˊ]; 5. The stop shift; 6. The epenthetic vowel; [7.] Conclusion.
Pődör (Dóra): Productivity in verbal noun formation in Irish: some problems concerning the investigation of the spread of the -áil suffix.
In SKASE-JTL 12/1 (2015), pp. 103–108.