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Discusses the origins and development of the classificatory words Galldachd, Gàidhealtachd, Garbhchrìochan in Scotland, and also their application in Ireland.

Addenda in SGS 20 (2000), pp. 222-224.
McLeod (Wilson): The rhetorical geography of the late medieval Irish chronicles.
In CMCS 40 (Winter, 2000), pp. 57–68.
Considers the frames of reference for the death-notices of Gaels in the Irish chronicles form the 13th c. onwards, and argues that these should be regarded as fundamentally rhetorical in nature.
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Additional notes to W. McLeod, in SGS 19 (1999), pp. 1-20.
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In LCC 31 (2001), pp. 90–109.
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In Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 1 (2002), pp. 13–23.
[1.] Goill, Lethghoill, Fionnlochlannaigh; [2.] Fionnghall; [3.] Rí Innse Gall, Dominus Insularum, Rìgh Fionnghall; [4.] Conclusion.
McLeod (Wilson): Rí Innsi Gall, rí Fionnghall, Ceannas nan Gàidheal: sovereignty and rhetoric in the late medieval Hebrides.
In CMCS 43 (Summer, 2002), pp. 25–48.
Argues that the diversity of titles used for the Hebridean rulers (and others) during this period is a literary device and is not interpreted politically.
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In SGS 21 (2003), pp. 91–146.
Explores the ways in which the Gaelic and English languages are portrayed or discussed in Scottish Gaelic poetry.
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With English translation.
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Incl. chapters on: 1. Political and cultural background; 2. Literary and intellectual culture in the Gaelic world; 3. Scotland and Ireland: The vision of bardic poetry; 4. Separation and breakdown. Incl. appendix listing first lines of bardic poems composed by Irish poets for Scottish Patrons and Bardic poems composed by Scottish poets for Irish patrons.

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