Haggart (Craig)

Haggart (Craig): Abbatial contention in Armagh in the eight and ninth centuries: the Comarbada Pátraic as a source.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 35–58.
Attempts to determine the historical value of the glosses added to the text, in particular those appended to the LL version.
Haggart (Craig): Feidlimid mac Crimthainn and the óentu Maíle Ruain.
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 29–59.
Interprets Feidlimid’s actions as motivated by his céli Dé ideals.
Haggart (Craig): The céili dé and the early medieval Irish church: a reassessment.
In StH 34 (2006–2007), pp. 17–62.
Haggart (Craig): Some comments on the date of compilation of the Apgitir chrábaid.
In StH 35 (2008–2009), pp. 9–15.