Keogh (Raymond M.)

Keogh (Raymond M.): Does the Armorican forest hold the key to Saint Patrick’s escape?
In StH 28 (1994), pp. 145–157.
Re-examines the chronology of the events in the life of St. Patrick, arguing in favour of the traditionalist view.
Keogh (Raymond M.): Patrick and the Prosper connection.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 7–34.
Argues that Patrick and Prosper were contemporaries and comments on the chronology of Patrick’s life and writings.
Keogh (Raymond M.): Palladius: Bishop or phantom?
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 7–27.
Studies the relationship between St. Patrick and Palladius, and argues in favour of the two being the same person.