Clancy (Thomas Owen)

Clancy (Thomas Owen): Mac Steléne and the eight in Armagh: identity and context.
In Éigse 26 (1992), pp. 80–91.
Dub Dá Thúath mac Steléne is not to be identified with the Dub Dá Thúath bishop of Rath Áeda mentioned in the annals (so K. Meyer, The vision of Mac Conglinne, 1892 [Best1, p. 117], and A primer of Irish metrics, 1909 [Best1, p. 54]), but rather with the Mac Teléne in The Trial of Mac Teléne found in YBL (see J. G. O’Keeffe, in Ériu 5 (1911), pp. 18-44 [Best1, p. 120]).
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Fools and adultery in some early Irish texts.
In Ériu 44 (1993), pp. 105–124.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): The Drosten Stone: a new reading.
In PSAS 123 (1993), pp. 345–353.
Suggests that this inscription may contain an Old Irish formula, interpreting ire as OIr. i ré ‘in the time’.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Annat in Scotland and the origins of the parish.
In IR 46/2 (Autumn, 1995), pp. 91–115.
OIr. andóit.
Clancy (Thomas Owen), Márkus (Gilbert): Iona: the earliest poetry of a Celtic monastery.
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1995. x + 271 pp.
Part 1: Iona (Iona’s early history; The life and work of the monastery; Iona as a literary centre); Part 2: The poems (Altus prosator; Adiutor laborantium; Noli Pater; Amra Choluimb Chille; The poems of Beccán mac Luigdech; Colum Cille co Día domm eráil; Cantemus in omne die) [text, English translation, and commentary]; Part 3: The alphabet of devotion [English translation]; Part 4: Iona’s library.

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Revised version in Spes Scotorum, pp. 3-33.
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Clancy (Thomas Owen): Scotland, the ‘Nennian’ recension of the Historia Brittonum, and the Lebor Bretnach.
In Kings, clerics and chronicles in Scotland [M. O. Anderson essays] (2000), pp. 87–107.
Argues in favour of a Scottish provenance for the ‘Nennian’ recension of Historia Brittonum and its translation into Irish. In Appendix: The attribution of the Lebor Bretnach to Gilla Cóemáin.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): A Gaelic polemic quatrain from the reign of Alexander I, ca. 1113.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 88–96.
Olc a ndearna mac Mael Colaim; text from NLI G 3. With English translation and commentary.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Subversion at sea: structure, style and intent in the immrama.
In Otherworld voyage in early Irish literature (2000), pp. 194–225.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): The real St. Ninian.
In IR 52/1 (Spring, 2001), pp. 1–28.
Argues that the late medieval cult of St. Ninian results from the confusion of the cult of a local British saint Uinniau (who underlies the cult of St. Finnian of Movilla) and the Northumbrian-created literary cult of St. Nynia.

Corrigenda in IR 53/1 (Spring 2002), p.59.

Clancy (Thomas Owen): Reading medieval Irish satire: the trial of Mac Teléne.
In Satura (2001), pp. 20–47.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Scottish saints and national identities in the early Middle Ages.
In Local saints and local churches (2002), pp. 397–421.
On the cults of Ninian, Kentigern and Columba, among others.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): King-making and images of kingship in medieval Gaelic literature.
In The Stone of Destiny (2003), pp. 85–105.
Examines various texts from Scotland and Ireland pertaining to or describing inauguration rituals and their symbols (such as De shíl Chonairi Móir, Topographia Hiberniae, The finding of Cashel, etc.).
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Diarmait sapientissimus: the career of Diarmait, dalta Daigre, Abbot of Iona.
In Peritia 17–18 (2003–2004), pp. 215–232.
Includes a suggestion this may be the Diarmait scribe of the Milan glosses.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Magpie hagiography in twelfth-century Scotland: the case of Libellus de nativitate Sancti Cuthberti.
In Celtic hagiography (2003), pp. 216–231.
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Based on papers given at a conference held in Edinburgh, May 1997.

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Clancy (Thomas Owen): Mourning Fearchar Ó Maoilchiaráin: texts, transmission and transformation.
In Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 3 (2006), pp. 57–71.
Appendix 1: Marbhna Fhearchair Uí Mhaoil Chiaráin: ‘Tugadh oirne easbhuidh mhór’ (transcription of partial text in NLS Adv. Ms 72.2.2; Appendix 2: Caoi Mhic Uí Mhaoilchiaráin: ‘Mac Uí Mhaoilchiaráin mo ghràdh’; Appendix 3: Textual relationships.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Adomnán and the abbacy of Clonmacnois: historical needs, literary narratives.
In IR 57/2 (Nov., 2006), pp. 206–215.
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Pulprestwic, Trearne.
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In SGS 24 (2008), pp. 115–136.
Appendix: An indicative catalogue of verse narratives, by subject.
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In Bile ós chrannaibh [Fs. Gillies] (2010), pp. 79–102.
Appendix: Early forms of main names discussed (with references).
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Papers from a conference held at Iona, 24-27 September 2004.

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Gillies (William) (hon.)
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