Deane (Seamus)

Deane (Seamus): Irish national character 1790–1900.
In HSt, 16 (1987), pp. 90–113.
Carpenter (Andrew) (ed.), Williams (Jonathan) (ed.), Deane (Seamus) (gen. ed.): The Field Day anthology of Irish writing, I–III / general editor: Seamus Deane; associate editors: Andrew Carpenter, Jonathan Williams.
Derry: Field Day, 1991. Vol. 1: xxvi + 1316 pp.; Vol. 2: xv + 1245 pp.; Vol. 3: xvii + 1483 pp. (3 vols).
Vol. 1 includes: ‘Early and Middle Irish literature (c. 600–1600)', by Proinsias Mac Cana; ‘Latin writing in Ireland (c. 400–1200)', by Charles Doherty; ‘Ireland and her past: topographical and historical writing to 1690’, by Andrew Carpenter; ‘Literature in Irish, 1600–1800, by Alan Harrison'.

Vol. 2 includes: ‘Poetry and song. II. Popular songs: (a) Traditional folk songs’, by Seamus Deane [mainly in Irish].

Vol. 3 includes: ‘Irish [language] writing: prose fiction and poetry, 1900–1988’, by Eoghan Ó hAnluain.