Ó Riain (Gordon)

Ó Riain (Gordon): Dán réitigh le Conchobhar Ruadh Mac Con Midhe (†1481).
In Léann lámhscríbhinní Lobháin (2007), pp. 54–75.
Cionnas do roichfinn rí Oiligh. 36 qq.; edited from Franciscan A 25, with English translation and notes.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Early modern technical verse from NLI G 3.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 35–42.
9 qq., diplomatic text and critical edition. First line: A aos dána, is aithnidh damh; with English translation.
Ó Riain (Gordon): The consonant cluster -rdh-.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 82–86.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Some identifications of citations in the grammatical tracts.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 215–216.
Provides 10 identifications.
Ó Riain (Gordon): A poem on the mutilation of Brian Óg Ó Néill (d. 1449).
In Éigse 37 (2010), pp. 92–111.
Ionmhain taise a-tá i nDoire (21 qq.), by Conchobhar Ruadh Mac Con Midhe. Edited from the Book of O’Conor Don and RIA MS 23 F 16; with English translation and notes.
Ó Riain (Gordon): The textual quality of the Book of the O’Conor Don.
In The Book of the O’Conor Don (2010), pp. 132–165.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Varia: III. Quatrains relating to the controversy of the Red Hand.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 171–178.
Edition of three quatrains preserved in NLI G 127: 1. Níor dholta díbh go domhain; 2. A tiobraid na dtrí dteora ban; 3. Sgolta uaisle Inse Fáil. With English translation and notes.
Ó Riain (Gordon): The language of Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh.
In Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh (2012), pp. 54–76.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Early modern technical verse from NLI G 3 (ii).
In Celtica 27 (2013), pp. 55–78.
Comhardadh cionnas is cóir (20 qq.), ascr. to Tadhg Ó hUiginn. Critical edition, transcription, translation and notes. In Appendix: Na ceithre hamharchuill [on the four graphs beginning with a which were recognised in bardic tradition prior to the 15th century].
Ó Riain (Gordon): Varia: I. 1. Two quatrains in Cath Maighe Rath.
In Ériu 63 (2013), pp. 145–151.
On qq. 18-19 of poem beginning Erig, a Chongail Macha.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Varia: I. 2. An unrecorded scribal note in RIA 23 Q 16.
In Ériu 63 (2013), pp. 151–153.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Varia: I. 3. IGT II 1258.
In Ériu 63 (2013), p. 152.
Ó Corráin (Ailbhe) (ed.), Ó Riain (Gordon) (ed.): Celebrating sixty years of Celtic studies at Uppsala University: proceedings of the eleventh Symposium of Societas Celtologica Nordica / edited by Ailbhe Ó Corráin and Gordon Ó Riain.
AUU-SCU, 9. Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet, 2013. 227 pp.
Papers from a symposium held in Uppsala, 14-16 May 2010.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Táinig an tráth nóna: old age in Classical Irish religious verse.
In Aon don éigse (2015), pp. 155–191.
Examines the theme of old age in Classical Irish religious poetry and discusses the motif of nóin in this context.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Observations on the citations in IGT V.
In Celtica 28 (2016), pp. 1–34.
Ó Riain (Gordon): A fragment of an early modern tract on grammar and metrics.
In Dá dtrian feasa fiafraighidh (2017), pp. 131–186.
Edition of an incomplete text dealing with the formation of compounds and alliteration, found in a single loose slip of vellum stored with A 4; with commentary, English translation, textual notes.
Ó Riain (Gordon) (ed.): Dá dtrian feasa fiafraighidh: essays on the Irish grammatical and metrical tradition / edited by Gordon Ó Riain.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2017. x + 375 pp.
Papers from a conference held in Dublin, 26 September 2014.
Ó Riain (Gordon): Terminology in the grammatical tracts: ciall teasaidheachta.
In Ériu 68 (2018), pp. 55–64.