Hollard (Dominique)

Hollard (Dominique): La tenue guerrière de Conchobar, roi d’Ulster, à la bataille de Garech.
In DHA 21 (1995), pp. 275–292.
Argues that the three colours of Conchobar mac Nessa’s attire are inherited from the symbolic system of colours connected to the Indo-European trifunctional ideology.
Gricourt (Daniel), Hollard (Dominique): Les dieux-héros médecins et bienfaiteurs dans les panthéons grec, celte et germanique.
In Ollodagos 15/1 (2001), pp. 7–95.
Investigates the rituals and attributes associated with the Gaulish healing divinity Bormo, and refers to his relationship with the Irish Óengus mac Óc, Dían Cécht and Lug, among others.