MacKay (Margaret Ann)

MacKay (Margaret A.): Eric Radcliffe Cregeen, 1921–1983.
In ScS 32 (1993–1998), pp. 1–9.
Includes a bibliography of E. R. Cregeen 1954-1981.
Kay (Christian J.) (ed.), MacKay (Margaret A.) (ed.): Perspectives on the older Scottish tongue: a celebration of DOST / edited by Christian J. Kay and Margaret A. Mackay.
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2005. viii + 230 pp.
Rev. by
Atina Nihtinen, in The Scottish historical review 86/1 (Apr., 2007), pp. 157-158.
Campbell (Katherine) (ed.), Lamb (William) (ed.), Martin (Neill) (ed.), West (Gary) (ed.): ‘A guid hairst’: collecting and archiving Scottish tradition. Essays in honour of Dr Margaret A. Mackay / edited by Katherine Campbell, William Lamb, Neill Martin and Gary West.
Maastricht: Shaker, 2013. 33 pp.
MacKay (Margaret A.) (hon.)