Caball (Marc)

Caball (Marc): Nóta ar Bhrian Ó Ceallaigh.
In Éigse 26 (1992), p. 118.
On Brian Ó Ceallaigh’s command of Irish.
Caball (Marc): Notes on an Elizabethan Kerry bardic family.
In Ériu 43 (1992), pp. 177–192.
The contributions to the duanairí of Cú Chonnacht Mág Uidhir (†1589) and Féilim Ó Broin (†1630) of Conchubhar Ó Dálaigh’s Gabh m’égnach, a Chú Chonnacht and Cú Chonnacht Ó Dálaigh’s Cionnas do fhúigfinnse Aodh resp.
Caball (Marc): Pairlement Chloinne Tomáis I: a reassessment.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 47–57.
Interpretation of PCT I against that of N. J. A. Williams, Pairlement Chloinne Tomáis (Dublin, 1981).
Caball (Marc) (revr.): The Gaelic mind and the collapse of the Gaelic world: an appraisal.
In CMCS 25 (Summer, 1993), pp. 87–96.
Review article of: The Gaelic mind and the collapse of the Gaelic world, by M. O Riordan (Cork: Cork University Press, 1990).
Caball (Marc): Bardic poetry and the analysis of Gaelic mentalities.
In HI 2/2 (Summer, 1994), pp. 46–50.
Caball (Marc): Providence and exile in early seventeenth-century Ireland.
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Caball (Marc): Aspects of sixteenth-century élite Gaelic mentalities: a case study.
In ÉtC 32 (1996), pp. 203–216.
Studies the 21 extant poems composed for Philip O’Reilly (d. 1596) of east Breifne, arguing for the existence of two strands of bardic thought in his duanaire, one traditional and localist, and another one innovative and concerned with the political problems of all Ireland.
Caball (Marc): Faith, culture and sovereignty: Irish nationality and its development, 1558–1625.
In British consciousness and identity (1998), pp. 112–139.
Caball (Marc): Poets and politics: continuity and reaction in Irish poetry, 1558–1625.
Cork: Cork University Press in association with Field Day, 1998. vii + 220 pp. (Critical conditions: field day essays and monographs, 8)
Rev. by
Pádraig A. Breatnach, in Éigse 32 (2000), pp. 180-186.
Caball (Marc): ILE: translating Ireland to the world.
In Éire-Ireland 35/1-2 (Spring/Summer, 2000), pp. 112–121.
Caball (Marc): Politics and religion in the poetry of Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird and Eoghan Ruadh Mac an Bhaird.
Caball (Marc): The literature of later medieval Ireland, 1200–1600: from the Normans to the Tudors. Part I: Poetry.
Caball (Marc): Patriotism, culture and identity: the poetry of Geoffrey Keating.
In Reassessments on Foras feasa ar Éirinn (2008), pp. 19–38.
Caball (Marc): Dispossession and reaction: the Gaelic literati and the Plantation of Ulster.
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Caball (Marc): Articulating Irish identity in early seventeenth century Europe: the case of Giolla Brighde Ó hEódhusa (c. 1570–1614).
In ArH 62 (2009), pp. 271–293.
Caball (Marc): Culture, politics and identity in sixteenth-century Ireland: the testimony of Tadhg Dall Ó hUiginn (c. 1550–1591).
In Tadhg Dall Ó hUiginn (2010), pp. 1–21.
Caball (Marc): Lost in translation: reading Keating’s Foras feasa ar Éirinn, 1635-1847.
Caball (Marc): Gaelic and Protestant: a case study in early modern self-fashioning, 1567–1608.
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Caball (Marc) (ed.), Carpenter (Andrew) (ed.): Oral and print cultures in Ireland, 1600-1900 / Marc Caball and Andrew Carpenter, editors.
Dublin: Four Courts, 2010. 144 pp.
Papers from a symposium held in Dublin, 20 June 2008.

Rev. by
Sarah Crider Arndt, in StH 36 (2009-2010), pp. 246-248.
John Eastlake, in Béascna 7 (2011), pp. 195-199.
Caball (Marc): Culture, continuity and change in early seventeenth-century south-west Munster.
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Caball (Marc): ‘Solid divine and worthy scholar’: William Bedell, Venice and Gaelic culture.
In Irish and English (2012), pp. 43–57.
Caball (Marc): An cultúr, an pholaitíocht agus an fhéiniúlacht in Éirinn sa séú haois déag: fianaise Thaidhg Dhaill Uí hUiginn (c. 1550–1591).
In Ilteangach, ilseiftiúil [Fs. N. J. A. Williams] (2012), pp. 217–240.
Examines aspects of Tadhg Dall Ó hUiginn’s political outlook, and investigates the perception he had of his profession.
Caball (Marc), Hazard (Benjamin): A late seventeenth-century, partial English translation of the preface to Geoffrey Keating’s Foras feasa ar Éirinn.
In AnH 44 (2013), pp. 15–49.
Provides a transcript from UCD-OFM MS D.01 943-79 (Luke Wadding Papers); possibly by Franciscan friar Peter Walsh (c. 1616–1688).
Caball (Marc), Hazard (Benjamin): Dynamism and decline: translating Keating’s Foras feasa ar Éirinn in the seventeenth century.
In StH 39 (2013), pp. 49–69.
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