Sellar (William David Hamilton)

(1941 – 2019)

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Sellar (W. D. H.): Celtic law and Scots law: survival and integration.
In ScS 29 (1989), pp. 1–27 (= O’Donnell lecture, Edinburgh, 1985).
Argues that continuity exists between Early Irish law and late medieval and modern Scots law.
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ad William Matheson, in TGSI 51 (1978-1980), pp. 68-80.
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Sellar (David): Forflissa/Forbflaith/Hvarflöð.
In Regions and rulers [Nichols essays] (2004), pp. 51–53.
Suggests Ir. Forblaith (> Farblaidh, Fearblaidh) underlies the name variously represented in Scottish historical sources by Forflissa, Fernelith, etc.
Sellar (David), Hammond (Matthew H.) (app. auth.): Forflissa/Forbflaith/Hvarflöð.
In Personal names and naming practices in medieval Scotland (2019), pp. 144–147.
Reprinted, with revisions and an addendum, from Regions and rulers in Ireland, 1100–1650, pp. 51-53.