Bruford (Alan James)

(1937 – 1995)

Bruford (Alan): Gaelic folk-tales and mediaeval romances. A study of the Early Modern Irish ‘Romantic tales’ and their oral derivatives.
Dublin: Folklore of Ireland Society, 1969. vii + 284 pp.
[= BILL 4115.]

Rev. by
Anne O’Sullivan, in Celtica 10 (1973), pp. 267-271.
Bruford (Alan): The king’s questions (AT 922) in Scotland.
In ScS 17 (1973), pp. 147–154.
Includes the Scottish Gaelic folktale Domhnall Ruadh agus an claban, recorded from Donald John MacKinnon, of Barra, in 1972 (with English translation).
Bruford (Alan): Recitation or re-creation? Examples from South Uist storytelling.
In ScS 22 (1978), pp. 27–44.
Bruford (Alan): Legends long since localised or tales still travelling?
In ScS 24 (1980), pp. 43–62.
Bruford (Alan): Deirdire and Alexander Carmichael’s treatment of oral sources.
In SGS 14/1 (Winter, 1983), pp. 1–28.
Bruford (Alan): Oral and literary Fenian tales.
In Béaloideas 54–55 (1986–1987), pp. 25–56.
Repr. in The heroic process (1987), pp. 25-56.
Bruford (Alan): Is tartan a Gaelic word?
In Gaelic and Scots in harmony (1990), pp. 57–71.
Suggests it derives from a Gaelic word describing the crossed pattern of the fabric (< *tarsnán or another derivative of tarsna).
Bruford (Alan): Song and recitation in early Ireland.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 61–74.
With a discussion of Scottish Gaelic songs and metres.
Bruford (Alan), MacDonald (Donald A.): Nasg: a West Highland tethering device.
In ScS 31 (1992–1993), pp. 136–142.
Bruford (Alan): Why an Ulster cycle?
In Ulidia 1 (1994), pp. 23–30.
Bruford (Alan): Cú Chulainn: an ill-made hero?
In Text und Zeittiefe (1994), pp. 185–215.
Bruford (Alan): Workers, weepers and witches: the status of the female singer in Gaelic society.
In SGS 17 (1996), pp. 61–70.
Describes how women have played the role of poets and performers despite the male predominance in the bardic system. Discusses in particular the terms ban-fhili, ban-cháinte and ban-chaínte.
Bruford (Alan): The hermit disturbed and undisturbed.
In Re(Oralisierung) (1996), pp. 177–206.
Bruford (Alan): What happened to the Caledonians?
In Celtic Scotland in the Middle Ages (2000), pp. 43–68.