Bisagni (Jacopo)

Bisagni (Jacopo), Warntjes (Immo): Latin and Old Irish in the Munich Computus: a reassessment and further evidence.
In Ériu 57 (2007), pp. 1–33.
Offers an analysis of all the instances of code-switching in MS München, Clm 14456.
Bisagni (Jacopo), Warntjes (Immo): The Early Old Irish material in the newly discovered Computus Einsidlensis (c. AD 700).
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 77–105.
Provides a linguistic analysis of the Irish material in Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 321 (647).
Bisagni (Jacopo): Scél lem dúib: an emendation.
In StC 42 (2008), pp. 166–171.
ad EILyr §53 (p. 160); inverts the order of 1c and d.
Bisagni (Jacopo): The language and the date of Amrae Coluimb Chille.
In 13th ICCS, Bonn 2007 (2009), pp. 1–11.
Bisagni (Jacopo): A note on the end of the world: Tírechán’s dies erdathe.
In ZCP 58 (2011), pp. 9–18.
ad §12 (as ed. by L. Bieler 1979 [The Patrician texts in the Book of Armagh]); erdathe is interpreted as the gen. sg. of erdath, derived from PC *-dātū, containing the PIE root *dhu̯eh2- ‘to make smoke’.
Bisagni (Jacopo): The origins of the preterite of the Old Irish copula and substantive verb: an overview and new ideas.
In JCeltL 14 (Dec., 2012), pp. 1–29.
Bisagni (Jacopo): Leprechaun: a new etymology.
In CMCS 64 (Winter, 2012), pp. 47–84.
Suggests L Lupercus as etymon.
Bisagni (Jacopo): Prolegomena to the study of code-switching in the Old Irish glosses.
In Peritia 24/25 (2013–2014), pp. 1–58.
Bisagni (Jacopo): A new citation from a work of Columbanus in BnF lat. 6400b.
In Peritia 24/25 (2013–2014), pp. 116–122.
On a possible attestation of Hisperic Lat. tithis ‘ocean’ (< Gr. Τητύς).
Bisagni (Jacopo): Tarbḟlaith: une influence classique dans Audacht Morainn?
In ÉtC 41 (2015), pp. 145–191.
Suggests (following an argument advanced by Brent Miles in Heroic saga and classical epic in Medieval Ireland, 2011) that the term tarbḟlaith with its negative connotations is a calque on Statius’s dux taurus (Thebaid 2.323 ff.).
Bisagni (Jacopo): Flutes, pipes, or bagpipes? Observations on the terminology of woodwind instruments in Old and Middle Irish.
In Early medieval Ireland and Europe [Fs. Ó Cróinín] (2015), pp. 343–394.
Discusses the OIr. musical terms fetán, cúisech, cuisle(nn), buinne with the aim of offering a precise indentification of the musical instruments they refer to.
Bisagni (Jacopo): L’Epistula ad Dardanum et l’exégèse irlandaise des instruments de musique.
In Mélanges Lambert (2015), pp. 347–358.
Bisagni (Jacopo) (ed.): Amrae Coluimb Chille: a critical edition / edited Jacopo Bisagni.
EITS, 1. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2019. xvi + 524 pp. (Early Irish texts series, 1).