Broderick (George)

Broderick (George): Four Manx folktales.
In Béaloideas 42–44 (1974–1976), pp. 41–61.
From the MSS. collection of Neg Beg Hom Ruy (Edward Faragher of Cregneash, 1831-1908); with English translation.
Broderick (George): Collecting place-names in Arran.
In Nomina 1/2 (1977), pp. 35–36.
Broderick (George): Manx traditional songs and song fragments I: Manx Museum Ms. 263A (Clucas Coll.).
In Béaloideas 48–49 (1980–1981), pp. 9–29.
A collection of nine songs from Manx Museum MS 263A; diplomatic texts with English translation.
Broderick (George): Baase Illiam Dhone.
In Celtica 14 (1981), pp. 105–123.
A lament for William Christian (1608-1662/3) for his part in a rebellion in 1651. Ed. with transl. and notes (22 qq.) from MS Douglas, Manx Museum 1349C, MS 188A, and MS H William Harrison Collection; beg. Quoi yinnagh e hreishteil ayns ooashley ny pooar. Addendum including four extra verses from MS Douglas, Manx Museum MD 900.
Broderick (George): Manx stories and reminiscences of Ned Beg Hom Ruy.
In ZCP 38 (1981), pp. 113–178; 39 (1982), pp. 117-194.
Edition of miscellaneous manuscript material by Edward Farragher (1831-1908) from Cregneash, Isle of Man; with English translation and notes.

For corrections, see P. Le Besco, in ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 148-159.
Le Besco (Patrick) (ref.)
Broderick (George): Manx traditional songs and song-fragments II: Manx Museum MS. 450A.
In Béaloideas 50 (1982), pp. 4–41.
A collection of forty-nine songs from Manx Museum MS 450A; diplomatic texts with English translation.
Broderick (George): Boddagh yn cooat laaghagh: a Manx version of a Fenian tale.
In Béaloideas 51 (1983), pp. 1–10.
A version of Bodach an Chóta Lachtna, from Manx Museum MS 431C. Text and English translation.
Shorys y Creayrie: Recording native Manx speech.
In For a Celtic future (1983), pp. 308–320.
Surveys the collecting of Manx language material since the early 18th century.
Broderick (George): Ny kirree fo niaghtey.
In Celtica 16 (1984), pp. 157–168.
Ed. with Engl. transl. of song Na kirree fo niaghtey ‘The snow-bound sheep’ with normalised text based on unpublished MSS and printed versions; beg. Lurg geurey dy niaghtey as arragh dy rio (8 qq.). Diplomatic text from MS Douglas, Manx Museum MD 900.
Broderick (George): Berrey Dhone: a Manx Caillech Bérri?
In ZCP 40 (1984), pp. 193–210.
Edition of two versions of song beg. Poag sthie Berrey dhoan, from MS Douglas, Manx Museum MD 900. With Engl. transl. and textual notes.
Broderick (George): Ec ny fiddleryn.
In ZCP 40 (1984), pp. 211–227.
Song (18 qq.) edited from three MSS (Douglas, Manx Museum MD 900, 450A, and 263A) and four printed versions, of which J. Strachan, in Ériu 1 (1897), pp. 54-58, serves as main text; with variant readings, Engl. transl. and textual notes.
Broderick (George): A handbook of late spoken Manx.
BZCP, 3–5. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1984–1986.
Vol. 1: Grammar and texts. 1984. xxxii + 479 pp.
Vol. 2: Dictionary. 1984. v + 523 pp.
Vol. 3: Phonology. 1986. xxxvi + 207 pp.

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Broderick (George): The development of Insular Celtic.
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Broderick (George): Creag and carraig in Manx place-names.
In Ainm 2 (1987), pp. 141–143.
Broderick (George): A handbook of late spoken Manx: index of Gaelic words.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 292–310.
Contains an index in traditional Gaelic orthography to the words dealt with in vol. 3 of G. Broderick’s A handbook of late spoken Manx, Tübingen 1986.
Broderick (George): Manx place-name survey preliminary report.
In Ainm 4 (1989–1990), pp. 217–219.
Broderick (George): Fin as Oshin.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 51–60.
Diplomatic transcription from all three MS sources with translations and notes. MSS M (25 lines), Manx Museum 1487(d)C (28 lines), BL Additional 11215 (Thorkelin Collection; 41 lines). First line from M: Hie Fin as Ossian magh Lhaa dy Helg.
Broderick (George): The decline and death of Manx Gaelic.
In Language contact in the British Isles (1991), pp. 63–125.
Broderick (George) (ed.), Ureland (P. Sture) (ed.): Language contact in the British Isles: proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Language Contact in Europe, Douglas, Isle of Man, 1988 / edited by P. Sture Ureland and George Broderick.
LA, 238. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1991. xii + 717 pp. (Linguistische Arbeiten, 238).
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Vol. 2 Sheading of Michael (Kirk Michael, Ballaugh and Jurby). 1995. xl + 301 pp.
Vol. 3 Sheading of Ayre (Kirk Andreas, Kirk Bride and Kirk Christ Lezayre). 1997. xli + 513 pp.
Vol. 4 Sheading of Garff (Kirk Maughold & Ramsey, Kirk Lonan and Kirk Conchan). 1999. xli + 454 pp.
Vol. 5 Sheading of Middle (Kirk Braddan, Kirk Marown and Kirk Santan). 2000. xlii + 300 pp.
Vol. 6 Sheading of Rushen (Kirk Malew with Castletown and Ballasalla, Kirk Arbory and Kirk Christ Rushen with the Calf of Man). 2002. xl + 582 pp.
Vol. 7 Douglas and appendices, compiled under the auspices of the Manx Place-Name Survey. 2005. xiii + 750 pp.

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Broderick (George): Tynwald: a Manx cult-site and institution of pre-Scandinavian origin?
In CMCS 46 (Winter, 2003), pp. 55–94.
Argues that the Manx Tynwald continues a Celtic rather than a Germanic tradition. Appendix contains a contemporary account of the Tynwald Fair Day of 1691.
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Broderick (George): Goedelic-Scandinavian language contact in the place-names of the Isle of Man.
Broderick (George): Manx Gaelic literature: an overview.
Broderick (George): Vorskandinavische Ortsnamen auf der Insel Man.
In 4. Deutsches Keltologensymposium (2007), pp. 67–81.
I. Pre-Scandinavian place-names in Man: Man, Douglas, Rushen, Hentre, Ards (Arddae Huimnonn), Appyn, Nappin, Balthane, Begoade, Bemaccan, Bemahague, Bibaloe, Bollown, etc. II. Pre-Scandinavian place-name elements in Man: slieau (Ir. sliabh), carrick (Ir. carraig, kil- (Mx keeil, Ir. cill), balla- (Mx balley, Ir. baile, magher (Ir. machaire, ScG machair); 3. Pre-Scandinavian place-names without toponymical attestation in Man.
Broderick (George) (ed.), Cavill (Paul) (ed.): Language contact in the place-names of Britain and Ireland / edited by Paul Cavill and George Broderick.
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In StC 43 (2009), p. 223.
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In The Celtic languages 2 (2009), pp. 305–356.
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In The Celtic languages 2 (2009), pp. 753–769.
pp. 760-766: Revived Manx.
Broderick (George): A grammar of Manx place-names.
In JSNS 4 (2010), pp. 1–42.
Broderick (George): Kelten und Nicht-Kelten in Britannien und Irland: eine demographische und sprachwissenschaftliche Untersuchung anhand u. a. ptolemäischer Orts- und Stammesnamen.
In 5. Deutsches Keltologensymposium (2010), pp. 17–32.
Broderick (George): Indo-European and non-Indo-European aspects to the languages and place-names in Britain and Ireland: the state of the art.
Broderick (George): The imperfect and secondary future in late spoken Manx.
In SGS 28 (2011), pp. 307–332.
Examines the use of the imperfect and the secondary future of Late Spoken Manx in (1) the substantive verb, (2) the verb jannoo (used as an auxiliary), (3) the regular verb, and (4) the irregular, modal and defective verbs, offering a comparison with their use in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.
Broderick (George): Latin and Celtic: the substantive verb.
In Ilteangach, ilseiftiúil [Fs. N. J. A. Williams] (2012), pp. 29–47.
Suggests PCelt. *tā-ije/o- (> OIr. a-tá) developed as the unmarked substantive verb in Insular Celtic due to Latin influence.

Republ. in Glotta 91 (2015), pp. 3-14.
Broderick (George): Sliabh (slieau) in Man.
In Ainm 11 (2012), pp. 47–64.
Broderick (George): Some island names in the former ‘Kingdom of the Isles’: a reappraisal.
In JSNS 7 (2013), pp. 1–28.
1. Man; 2. Eboudai (Southern Inner Hebrides); 3a. Dumna (Lewis); 3b Lewis; 4. St. Kilda (Hirt); 5. Uist; 6. Scitis (Skye); 7. Eigg; 8. Rum; 9. Eth (Tiree); 10. Coll; 11. Malaios (Mull); 12. Hy (Iona); Íle (Islay); 14. Hinba (Colonsay/Oronsay or Jura?); 15. Arran; 16. Bute.
Broderick (George): Neologisms in revived Manx Gaelic.
In SCF 10 (2013), pp. 7–29.
Broderick (George): The revival of Manx Gaelic in the Isle of Man.
In SGS 29 (2013), pp. 132–171.
Broderick (George): Indo-European and non Indo-European aspects to the languages and place-names in Britain and Ireland: an overview.
In Lochlann [Fs. Rekdal] (2013), pp. 282–314.
Reviews the preceding literature on the pre-Celtic linguistic situation in Ireland and Britain, focusing on the non-Indo-European features in syntax, phonology, lexicon and place-names posited for Insular Celtic.
Broderick (George): *Pixti/*Pexti, Picti? The name Picti revisited.
In JSNS 9 (2015), pp. 9–42.
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In Minority languages in Europe and beyond (2015), pp. 33–58.
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In SGS 30 (2016), pp. 191–241.
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In SCF 14 (2017), pp. 18–57.
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In JCeltL 18 (Jan., 2017), pp. 117–126.
Broderick (George): Recent research in Celtic studies in the Third Reich.
Broderick (George): The Arran place-name survey, 1974–75.
In JSNS 12 (2018), pp. 1–26.
Broderick (George): Manx traditional songs and song-fragments in the end-phase of Manx Gaelic: from the Clague Music Collection (1890s).
In SCF 15 (2018), pp. 28–64.
Broderick (George): Manx Gaelic: the end game.
In Celtica 30 (2018), pp. 56–182.
An investigation into the chronology and causes of the decline and demise of the generational transmission of Manx in the Isle of Man. Appendix B includes full profiles of all speakers known and recorded in the period 1909–1972.
Broderick (George): Fin as Oshin: a reappraisal.
In ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 63–81.
Answering P. Ó Muircheartaigh, in ZCP 63.95 ff. In Appendix: Fin as Oshin [phonetic rendering taken down by C. Marstrander in 1929; from MS Douglas, MNHL 05354 B].
Broderick (George): Recording native Manx speech (1886–1972).
In SGS 31 (2018), pp. 113–177.
Presents a comprehensive survey of the systematic recording of native Manx speakers over the period 1886–1972.
Broderick (George): Francis J. Carmody: the Manx recordings.
In StC 52 (2018), pp. 157–178.
Presents a modernized version of F. J. Carmody’s Late Manx material, taken during fieldwork in 1949 (cf. ZCP 24.58 ff.).
Broderick (George): Carl Marstrander’s field notes from the Isle of Man 1929, 1930, 1933.
In Celtica 30 (2018), pp. 183–205.
Presents a catalogue of Marstrander’s manuscript collections of Manx material in Manx National Heritage Library MSS 05350–8 B.
Broderick (George): Recording the last native Manx speakers, 1909–1972.
In Studia Celto-Slavica 10 (2019), pp. 1–45.
Provides a list of all known native Manx speakers recorded from 1909 to 1983, with details and comments by the collectors on the informants and their material.
Broderick (George): Prof. Sir John Rhŷs in the Isle of Man (1886–1893): dictionary.
In ZCP 66 (2019), pp. 15–73.
Broderick (George): Sound recording of native Manx speech: twelve Manx conversations (1947–1952).
In ÉtC 45 (2019), pp. 149–249.
Presented with phonetic transcription and English translation.
Broderick (George): Two Manx conversations (1948 and 1952.)
In JCeltL 21 (Jan., 2020), pp. 75–142.