Bayda (Viktor)

Bayda (Viktor): Perfect and possessive structures in Irish and Russian.
In Studia Celto-Slavica 1 (2006), pp. 131–141.
O’Korranˊ (A.): Перфектные конструкции в островных кельтских языках.
In Вопросы языкознания 55/5 (2007), pp. 73–88.
[(In Russian:) Perfect constructions in the insular Celtic languages.]

Translated from the English by V. V. Bayda.
Bayda (Viktor) (trans.)
Bayda (Viktor): Irish constructions with bain.
In Studia Celto-Slavica 7 (2015), pp. 213–227.
Focuses on light-verb constructions consisting of bain with the prepositions as or de.
Bayda (Viktor): Перфектные конструкции в ирландском языке.
In ALP 12/2 (2016), pp. 163–216.
[(In Russian:) Perfect constructions in Irish.] With English summary in pp. 827-828.
Bayda (Viktor): Ирландская посессивная конструкция с cuid `часть'.
In ALP 13/1 (2017), pp. 865–882.
[(In Russian:) The Irish possessive construction with cuid.]
Bayda (Viktor): The possessive construction with cuid ‘part’.
In Studia Celto-Slavica 8 (2018), pp. 41–53.
Argues cuid is a pseudo-partitive marker expressing the idea of amount of the possessed object.