Lucas (Anthony Thomas)

(1911 – 1986)

Lucas (A. T.): Souterrains: the literary evidence.
In Béaloideas 39–41 (1971–1973), pp. 165–191.
Discusses the functions of caves and cellars as evidenced by early Irish literature.
Ó Danachair (Caoimhín) (ed.): Folk & farm: essays in honour of A. T. Lucas / edited by Caoimhín Ó Danachair.
Dublin: Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1976. 277 pp. frontisp. plts.
pp. 7-14: The published work of A. T. L., comp. by Etienne Ryan.

Rev. by
Bo Almqvist, in Béaloideas 42/44 (1974-1976), pp. 344-352.
Elizabeth Twohig, in JCHAS 81/233-234 (1976), p. 136-138.
Lucas (A. T.) (hon.)
Lucas (A. T.): Toghers or causeways: some evidence from archæological, historical and place-name sources.
In PRIA-C 85 (1985), pp. 37–60.
Lucas (A. T.), Mac Eoin (Gearóid) (app. auth.): Flax cloves.
In UF 32 (1986), pp. 16–36.
In appendix B ‘Notes on the Irish terms tlú and tlú garmaint' discusses the Irish words for cloving tongs: tlú garman, etc.
Lucas (A. T.): Cattle in ancient Ireland. Originally delivered as the Rhind Lectures in Edinburgh / seen through the press by Etienne Rynne, Gearóid Mac Eoin.
Kilkenny: Boethius, 1989. 315 pp. (Irish studies: 1. Studies in Irish archaeology and history).
1. Introductory; 2. Care of cattle; 3. Milking; 4. The creaght (caoraigheacht); 5. Cattle raiding; 6. Blood as food; 7. Miscellaneous. With Indexes and a Glossary of terms used.

Rev. by
Fergus Kelly, in Peritia 8 (1994), pp. 242-243.
Mac Eoin (Gearóid), Rynne (Etienne)