Breen (Aidan)

Breatnach (Liam), Breen (Aidan), Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): The laws of the Irish.
In Peritia 3 (1984), pp. 382–438.
Review article of: Corpus iuris Hibernici, ed. by D. A. Binchy (Dublin: DIAS, 1978). Discusses in particular the close relationship between vernacular and canon law. Section V includes text and English translation of Udhacht Athairne (CIH iii 1115.3-22) with commentary in section VI. Section VII includes a list of 134 Latin citations from canon law, scripture and other sources with identifications of 30 of these.
Breen (Aidan): The evidence of antique Irish exegesis in Pseudo-Cyprian, De duodecim abusivis saeculi.
In PRIA-C 87 (1987), pp. 71–101.
Breen (Aidan): Pseudo-Cyprian De duodecim abusivis saeculi and the Bible.
In Bibelstudien und Mission (1987), pp. 230–245.
Breen (Aidan): Iduma (Ιδουμα).
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 40–50.
Origin and meaning of iduma ‘hand (of Almighty God)' as used in Altus prosator, Hisperica famina, etc. Cf. D. Howlett, in Peritia 9 (1995), pp. 72–80.
Howlett (D.) (ref.)
Breen (Aidan): The text of the Constantinopolitan creed in the Stowe Missal.
In PRIA-C 90 (1990), pp. 107–121.
Breen (Aidan): Iohannes Scottus, Periphyseon: the problems of an edition.
In PRIA-C 91 (1991), pp. 21–40.
Howlett (David): Insular Latin idama, iduma.
In Peritia 9 (1995), pp. 72–80.
Argues (vs. A. Breen, in Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 40-50) it is a Hebraism and its original form is idama.
Breen (A.) (ref.)
Breen (Aidan): The Biblical text and sources of the Würzburg Pauline glosses (Romans 1–6).
In Bildung und Literatur (1996), pp. 9–16.
Breen (Aidan), McCarthy (Daniel): Astronomical observations in the Irish annals and their motivation.
In Peritia 11 (1997), pp. 1–43.
Provides an assessment of all 37 astronomical phenomena found in the Irish annals 442-1133, and suggests an eschatological motivation for their observation and recording.

In Appendix: A chronological tabulation of all astronomical references found in the Irish annals.
Breen (Aidan): De XII Abusiuis: text and transmission.
In Texts and transmission (2002), pp. 78–94.
Breen (Aidan), Herity (Michael): The Cathach of Colum Cille: an introduction / by Michael Herity and Aidan Breen.
Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2002. vii + 75 pp. illus. + 1 CD-ROM
Rev. by
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