Shaw (John William)

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In NACCS 1 (1988), pp. 75–87.
Shaw (John): Sgeulachd a’ chait bhig 's a’ chait mhór: a Gaelic variant of ‘The two travellers’.
In ScS 30 (1991), pp. 93–106.
Recorded 1978 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. With English translation and commentary.
Shaw (John): Language, music, and local aesthetics: views from Gaeldom and beyond.
In ScotL 11–12 (1992–1993), pp. 37–61.
Shaw (John): Scottish Gaelic traditions of the Cliar Sheanchain.
In NACCS 2 (1992), pp. 141–158.
On itinerant bands of poets in early modern Scotland and their relation to the Scottish oral versions of Tromdám Guaire.
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In StC 31 (1997), pp. 283–286.
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In Béaloideas 70 (2002), pp. 99–126.
Shaw (John): Indo-European dragon-slayers and healers, and the Irish account of Dian Cécht and Méiche.
In JIES 34/1-2 (Spring/Summer, 2006), pp. 153–181.
Examines the parallels between the Indo-Iranian myth of the dragon-slayer and the killing of Méiche mentioned in the Dindshenchas of Berba.
Shaw (John): A Gaelic eschatological folktale, Celtic cosmology and Dumézil’s “three realms” .
In JIES 35/3-4 (Fall/Winter, 2007), pp. 249–273.
Discusses evidence for an inherited tripartite cosmic structure in the early Irish belief system.
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Shaw (John): A Gaelic eschatological folktale, Celtic cosmology and Dumézil’s “three realms” .
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Fomin (Maxim), Mac Cárthaigh (Críostóir), Mac Floinn (Séamus), Mac Mathúna (Séamus), Shaw (John): Stories of the sea: maritime memorates of Ireland and Scotland / Maxim Fomin and Séamus Mac Mathúna; in collaboration with John Shaw and Criostóir Mac Cárthaigh; assisted by Séamus Mac Floinn.
Berlin: Curach Bhán, 2016. xi + 83 pp.
31 narratives covering the period from the late nineteenth century to the 1980s; mostly in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, with some in English. Ir. and ScG texts standardised but retaining dialectal features; with English translations.

Rev. by
Matthias Egeler, in ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 141-142.