MacLennan (Gordon Wallace)

(1931 – 1992)

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In StC 7 (1972), pp. 51–62.
Review article of: Linguistic atlas and survey of Irish dialects 1-4, by Heinrich Wagner (Dublin: DIAS, 1958-1969).
Mac Gill-Fhinnein (Gordon): A contribution to the social and linguistic history of Rannafast.
In Donegal annual 36 (1984), pp. 30–47.
Recorded in 1938; with synopsis in English and commentary on the English borrowings in the speech of the informant.
Mac Gill-Fhinnein (Gordon): An international folk-tale from Donegal: Bréagach Éireannach.
In Donegal annual 37 (1985), pp. 18–24.
Recorded from a Rannafast speaker in 1952; with synopsis in English and commentary.
MacLennan (Gordon W.): Some anomalies in the Gaelic dialects of Scotland and Canada.
In SGS 14/2 (1986), pp. 128–137.
1. Na feadhainn leis am bu leis e; 2.-chd; 3. uile.
MacLennan (Gordon W.) (ed.): Proceedings of the first North American Congress of Celtic Studies, held at Ottawa from 26th-30th March, 1986 / edited by Gordon W. MacLennan.
Ottawa: Chair of Celtic Studies, University of Ottawa, 1988. xiii + 624 pp.
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A discussion of rare and difficult words and phrases from Rannafast, Co. Donegal.