Karkov (Catherine Elizabeth)

Karkov (Catherine E.), Ruffing (John): The Southern Uí Néill and the political landscape of Lough Ennell.
In Peritia 11 (1997), pp. 336–358.
Some of the discussion relates to the topography of Betha Colmáin.
Baxter (Stephen) (ed.), Karkov (Catherine) (ed.), Nelson (Janet L.) (ed.), Pelteret (David) (ed.): Early medieval studies in memory of Patrick Wormald / edited by Stephen Baxter, Catherine Karkov, Janet L. Nelson, and David Pelteret.
SEMB. Farnham, Surrey; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2009. xvii + 582 pp. frontisp. figs. (Studies in early medieval Britain).
Wormald (Patrick) (hon.)