Shipman (Charlene Marie)

Eska (Charlene M.): Rewarding informers in Cáin domnaig and the Laws of Wihtred.
In CMCS 52 (Winter, 2006), pp. 1–11.
Suggests that the concept of the informer’s reward found in §2 of Cáin domnaig and in Wihtred derives from a lost, presumably Latin, common source.
Bruch (Benjamin) (ed.), Eska (Charlene Shipman) (ed.), Fogarty (Hugh) (ed.), Izzo (Kathryn) (ed.), Luft (Diana) (ed.), Olson (Katharine) (ed.): Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium: Volume XX, 2000/ edited by Benjamin Bruch, Charlene Shipman Eska, Hugh Fogarty, Diana Luft; Volume XXI, 2001 / edited by Benjamin Bruch, Charlene Shipman Eska, Kathryn Izzo, Katharine Olson.
Cambridge, MA: Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, 2007. x + 455 pp.
Eska (Charlene M.): Non-lawful betrothals in early Irish law.
In KF 3 (2008), pp. 33–43.
Discusses the three types of betrothal mentioned in CIH i 144.10-17 (with English translation).
Eska (Charlene M.): Varieties of early Irish legal literature and the Cáin lánamna fragments.
In Viator 40/1 (2009), pp. 1–16.
Appendix: List of manuscript sources of the fragments of Cáin lánamna.
Eska (Charlene M.): Problematic pigs: swine values in Bodleian manuscript Rawlinson B 506.
In Celtica 26 (2010), pp. 23–30.
On the share of the profit from pigs due to the wife in the event of divorce, as set out in the ‘Appendix’ to Cáin lánamna (= CIH i 174.7-177.33).
Eska (Charlene M.): Cáin lánamna: an Old Irish tract on marriage and divorce law.
MLIP, 5. Leiden: Brill, 2010. xix + 377 pp. (Medieval law and its practice, 5).
Edited from H 2. 15a (= CIH ii 502.7-519.35) [normalized text, variants, glosses, commentaries]; with linguistic and legal notes, English translation, and glossary.

Appendices contain additional legal commentary, edited with English translation. 1: Text from Rawlinson B 506, fols. 19b-19d (= CIH i 89.26-90.32); 2: Text from Rawlinson B 506 fol. 42d (= CIH i 144.5-17); 3: Text from Rawlinson B 506 55b-56d (= CIH i 174.7-177.33); 4 Text from H 3. 18 p. 434a (= CIH iii 974.29-975.27); 5: Text from Rawlinson B 506 fol. 22a-b (= CIH i 95.37-96.30); 6: Additional commentary [duplicates].

Rev. by
Fergus Kelly, in Medium ævum 81/2 (2012), pp. 323-324.
Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha, in Celtica 27 (2013), pp. 182-186.
Eska (Charlene M.): Women and slavery in the early Irish laws.
In SCF 8 (2011), pp. 29–39.
Eska (Charlene M.): Marriage by purchase in early Irish law.
In Tome [Charles-Edwards studies] (2011), pp. 183–191.
Eska (Charlene M.): Celtic and Germanic light on Hittite divorce law.
In JIES 40/3-4 (Fall/Winter, 2012), pp. 300–314.
Eska (Charlene M.): Four marginalia from Trinity College, Dublin MS 1433 (E.3.5).
In StC 49 (2015), pp. 115–120.
Not mentioned in Abbott and Gwynn’s Catalogue. Provides text and English translation.
Eska (Charlene M.): The mutilation of Derbforgaill.
In Wounds and wound repair in medieval culture (2015), pp. 252–266.
Eska (Charlene M.): On the swearing of oaths in cemeteries.
In CMCS 71 (Summer, 2016), pp. 59–70.
Argues that reilic in the legal commentary found in CIH iii 820.42-821.5 refers not to cemeteries but to the the making of oaths on relics.
Eska (Charlene M.): The abbreviation s.d. and patterns of ascription in the Corpus iuris Hibernici.
In ÉtC 42 (2016), pp. 161–184.
Eska (Charlene M.): Recholl breth: why it is a “shroud of judgments” .
In Ollam [Fs. Ó Cathasaigh] (2016), pp. 173–184.
Discusses the tract found in CIH i 218.31-223.21.
Eska (Charlene M.): A medieval Irish legal commentary on wakes and funerals from Anfuigell ‘Wrong judgment’.
In NAJCS 1/1 (May, 2017), pp. 27–44.
Eska (Charlene M.): A note on National Library of Sweden MS Vitterhet Engelsk II.
In NAJCS 2/1 (2018), pp. 79–83.
Eska (Charlene M.): The paleography of the 11 Latin citations in TCD MS 1337, pp. 329c–330b.
In NAJCS 3/1 (2019), pp. 47–54.
Eska (Charlene M.): Early Irish trade: cnóe gnáe ‘beautiful nuts’ revisited.
In CMCS 78 (Winter, 2019), pp. 101–109.
Interprets this phrase attested in a number of legal texts as ‘fine wool’, ‘fine woollens’, or some other form of expensive textile.
Eska (Charlene M.): A raven’s battle-cry: the limits of judgment in the medieval Irish legal tract Anfuigell.
MLIP, 27. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2019. xiv + 337 pp. (Medieval law and its practice, 27).
In Appendices: 1. Text and commentary from Source C [CIH 167.30-38]; 2. Commentary from §32 Source T [CIH 1169.19-1170.15]; 3. Commentary from §51 Source T [CIH 1178.34–1180.11]; 4. List of variant MS readings against CIH; 5. Regarding Aidbred ‘Claiming’; 6. O’Davoren’s Glossary no. 862(3) and CIH 1452.11–24.

Rev. by
Patrick Wadden, in NAJCS 4/1 (Spring, 2020), pp. 125-127.
Eska (Charlene M.): The fragment of medieval Irish sanctuary law on British Library MS Egerton 88, f. 35r.
In NAJCS 4/2 (Autumn, 2020), pp. 189–197.