FitzPatrick (Elizabeth)

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Identifies Áth an Termoinn with Áth Carpait, in the termonland of Es mac nEirc, at Boyle (Co. Roscommon).
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Papers from a conference held in Dublin, September 1997.

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FitzPatrick (Elizabeth): Leaca and Gaelic inauguration ritual in medieval Ireland.
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Examines documentary evidence from Ireland (Ulster in particular) on the importance of recumbent stones and stone chairs for the enthronement ritual.
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In Above and beyond [Swan memorial essays] (2005), pp. 267–280.
Suggests the site of the royal meeting was Cnoc Buadha (Knockbo in the parish of Rahugh, Co. Westmeath).
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Papers from a conference held in Dublin, 28 February–2 March 2003.

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Offers a detailed study of formaoil place-names in Ireland.
FitzPatrick (Elizabeth): The landscape and settlements of the Uí Dhálaigh poets of Muinter Bháire.
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In 14th ICCS, Maynooth 2011 (2015), pp. 165–189.
Discusses the physical environments in which learned families lived, farmed and conducted schools.
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In LH 38/2 (2017), pp. 29–62.
Investigates hilltop cairns and mounds named Suidhe Finn which were used as boundary landmarks. Includes a case study of the landscape of the hill of Almhain and its summit mound of Suidhe Finn in North Leinster.
FitzPatrick (Elizabeth): Finn’s wilderness and boundary landforms in medieval Ireland.
In Landscape and myth in North-Western Europe (2019), pp. 113–146.
Studies the term formaoil used in place-names in Ireland and Scotland (variously anglicized as Fermoyle, Formoyle, Formil, Formal, etc.), and argues it was applied to particular bare-topped hills and mountains connected to the idea of wilderness, boundaries and conflict, and in fíanaigecht also conceived as hunting reserve and place of contact with the Otherworld for Finn and his fían.