Bourke (Cormac)

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Includes a brief identification of the Cummasach named in the Terryhoogan bell inscription.
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Rev. by
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Rev. by
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Bourke (Cormac): Cillíne pontifex.
In IR 49/1 (Spring, 1998), pp. 77–80.
On the term droichtech.
Bourke (Cormac): The work of angels?
In IR 50/1 (Spring, 1999), pp. 76–79.
ad AU 1007.11: doendai ‘man-made’.
Bourke (Cormac): Fergna epscop.
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Bourke (Cormac): A view of the early Irish church.
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Bourke (Cormac): On the Imirce Ciaráin.
In Peritia 15 (2001), pp. 373–376.
A note in Félire Óengusso (p. 90) is interpreted as a reference to the name of a manuscript.
Bourke (Cormac): Cairrecan Tempuill Solman.
In Peritia 16 (2002), pp. 474–477.
Argues that the artefact stolen from the church at Clonmacnoise in 1129 may have been an imported porphyry stone (either a relic or a portable altar).
Bourke (Cormac): Peregrinatio Columbae.
In The island of St. Patrick (2004), pp. 79–88.