Rodway (Simon)

Rodway (Simon): ‘Gaulish’ megaliths in Ireland? Gall in Sanas Cormaic.
In CMCS 55 (Summer, 2008), pp. 41–50.
Argues that Cormac’s derivation of OIr. gall ‘standing stone’ (Corm. Y 683) < Gall (= L Gallus) is unfounded and criticises the view that this entry provides evidence for an Irish tradition of Gaulish settlement in Ireland.
Rodway (Simon): Four new Old Irish courses.
In CMCS 56 (Winter, 2008), pp. 101–104.
Review article of: An Old Irish primer, by Wim Tigges (Nijmegen: Keltische Draak, 2006); A first Old Irish grammar and reader, by Kim McCone (Maynooth: NUIM, 2005); Sengoídelc, by David Stifter (Syracuse, NY: University Press, 2006).
Rodway (Simon): Two notes on Sanas Cormaic.
In SC 7 (2008–2009), pp. 177–189.
Rodway (Simon): A Welsh equivalent to the Irish fían?
In SC 7 (2008–2009), pp. 191–196.
Draws attention to a possible parallel from 12th c. Wales documented in Gerald of Wales’ Descriptio Kambriae.
Rodway (Simon): What language did St. Patrick swear in?
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 139–151.
Proposes an alternative Irish etymology for St. Patrick’s oath modebroth.
Rodway (Simon): Mermaids, leprechauns and Fomorians: a middle Irish account of the descendants of Cain.
In CMCS 59 (Summer, 2010), pp. 1–17.
Discusses a passage on Cain and Abel and the origin of Fomorians, found in TCD H 3. 18 (= CIH ii 682.1-15), beg. Cáiin didiu roformdig re hAibel. Includes English translation.
Rodway (Simon): Affectionate cannibalism and the blood drinking motif in Gaelic literature.
In CMCS 74 (Winter, 2017), pp. 47–65.
Rodway (Simon): A note on the Ogham inscription from Buckquoy, Orkney.
In JCeltL 18 (Jan., 2017), pp. 103–116.
Rodway (Simon): The Mabinogi and the shadow of Celtic mythology.
In StC 52 (2018), pp. 67–85.
Rodway (Simon): New light on Rhys’s Lectures on Welsh philology.
In CMCS 77 (Summer, 2019), pp. 3–16.