Bowen (Charles)

Bowen (Charles): Great-bladdered Medb: mythology and invention in the Táin bó Cuailnge.
In Éire-Ireland 10/4 (Winter, 1975), pp. 14–34.
Bowen (Charles): A historical inventory of the Dindshenchas.
In StC 10–11 (1975–1976), pp. 113–137.
Surveys its history and contents. Includes a Table of contents for the various recensions and an Alphabetical list referring to the editions of E. J. Gwynn (Best1, p. 171) and W. Stokes (Best1, pp. 80-81).
Bowen (Charles): Varia: I. Notes on the Middle Irish word for ‘mermaid’.
In Ériu 29 (1978), pp. 142–148.
Múrdúchann originally a compound meaning ‘sea-music’, ‘sea-chanting’ designated a fabulous menace at sea; during the MIr. period translators adopted múrdúchann as an equivalent for Lat. Siren; word applies exclusively to creatures of the female sex.